World Wetlands Day Bonanza with Kingston Beach Coastcare

To celebrate World Wetlands Day 2022, Kingston Beach Coastcare Group and Conservation Volunteers Australia got together to weed the far end of the promenalinah/Browns River Saltmarsh.

Image: Kingston Beach Coastcare Group and Conservation Volunteers Australia getting the job done (and having fun) © Waiwun Wang 

Words thanks to Barbara Marshall of Kingston Beach Coastcare Group (KBCG)

The target area was extremely weedy due to the heavy rains we experienced last year and the months that had elapsed since the KBCG's last visit in August 2021. 

The weeds were practically strangling the hundreds of native plantings from KBCG working bees in the winters of 2020 and 2021. However, the many volunteers present on the day managed to weed the entire target area in the two hours allocated.  It is estimated that about 200kg of mature seedy weeds (blackberries, monster mallow, Californian poppy, plantain, etc) in and around the plantings were removed and dispatched. 

Volunteers also watered all the thirsty looking native plants and removed guards or fixed stakes as necessary. 

It was pleasing to see that some native plantings are absolutely thriving, including native pigface, grey saltbush, native geranium and white correa, and that almost all are surviving well.  KBCG volunteers are developing a keen interest in this area since many members have worked in this space for the past two years and have watched it develop from a weed wasteland into an area that is well on its way to better health. 

Image: Job Done! © Barbara Marshall

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is planning to follow up by engaging their volunteers to re-mulch and re-water the native plantings at the same site, the mulch hopefully being provided by Hobart Arbo Co.  A good working relationship is developing between KBCG and CVA, with CVA planning to follow up on each KBCG monthly working bee in 2022. 

Collaboration with Bridget Jupe, Natural Areas Interpretation Officer at Kingborough Council and Rene Raichert, Biodiversity Officer, also at Kingborough Council, continues to be vital in this site's ongoing restoration. 

Residents of the Centacare housing adjacent to the site, David and Vicki, have also been very supportive in providing access to water and places to store stakes and tree guards. 

Sincere gratitude goes to Ash Carden of CVA for suggesting this event collaboration and to all the volunteers who worked hard at this fabulous working bee, celebrating the value of wetlands! 


© All photos thanks to Waiwun Wang