Landcare Farmers: Wetheron

Currently the property has in excess of 300ha under conservation covenant, extensive areas fenced off to manage and preserve sensitive landscapes (eg north facing slopes), and is undergoing the staged development of a network of interconnecting biodiversity corridors. 

They began a new initiative of planting eucalyptus 'paddock trees' from seed collected and propagated on farm.  This saw the establishment of over 150 strategically planted trees during spring 2017. This effort is to improve the environmental values of the property which is at risk due to the ongoing effect of 'dieback' in the eucalypt population across the property.

Image: Wetheron Farm, containment pens and troughs © Richard Ellis

From 2017-2019 this group was a recipient of funding during our Tasmanian Landcare Fund Round 21, which they used to construct permanent pens, feed bunkers and water troughs which are used during dry periods and drought to contain sheep. This project's aim is to reduce the degradation effects that livestock could have on the property's vulnerable sandy soils, by destocking these high risk areas and containing the sheep in the pens until ground cover is rejuvenated by seasonal rains. The pens were critical during the dry summer and autumn of 2019/20 which saw over 2,000 sheep contained for a 6 month period. Wetheron saw great successes in their project, particularly for animal welfare, production and land preservation outcomes.