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We support our individual and group members with resources to help them achieve their goals for improving the health of our natural and working landscapes. Support comes in many forms: funding, volunteers, professional advice, plants, and reduced-cost materials. Approved Members can log in to the Members Toolbox with their Landcare Tas registered email to find the big yellow 'Submit a Project Proposal' button. Click on the map to see projects already submitted. 

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Member projects will be put forward for all our grant opportunities. You won't need to specify which grant you'd like to apply for. We'll assess submissions against the guidelines for each grant to decide which is the most suitable. Those shortlisted will be invited to provide further details.

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Funding Opportunities

Tasmanian Landcare FundTasmanian Landcare Fund

Since 2004, over $600,000 of donations to the fund have been used to support our members' important on-ground work on farms, in schools and with community groups across lutriwita/Tasmania. We typically run one grant round per year, but accept project proposals to our Project Bank at any time. When the next round opens, we will shortlist projects from Landcare members who have submitted to the Project Bank, and invite those shortlisted to complete a full TLF application. 

 View past grant recipients here

The Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF) supports all of our programs, including much needed grants directly to member-driven projects.  Landcare Tasmania Inc. is a charity registered with the ACNC and listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations. The Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF) is our public fund, which can receive tax deductible donations. 

Find out more about the TLF and our donors here

Tasmanian Government

Tasmanian_Government_Support_Logo_-_Colour_vertical.jpgLandcare Action Grants Program (LAG)

Landcare Tasmania is delivering part of the Landcare Action Grants program on behalf of the Department of Natural Resources (NRE) to support our members' projects, bringing community members together across a landscape to maximise impact. The Tasmanian Government allocated $1.8m in funding for the establishment of the Landcare Action Grants Program in 2019, and in 2022 a further $900k over 4 years was announced.

Express your interest in Landcare Action Grants here. Members: please submit your projects to the Project Bank.

Projects delivered by Landcare Tasmania:

General Round (LAG Round 1): General grant round open to any Individual or Group member, with outcomes improving landscape and riverine health, stability and resilience across Tasmania

Meander Valley Project: (LAG Round 2): The Meander Valley Project: Repairing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at a landscape-scale 

Coal Valley Project (LAG Round 3):The Coal Valley Project: Sustainable management of natural and productive systems, through field days focusing on feral cat management, integrated pest management, dung beetle release, native seed collection & propagation, and shelterbelt plantings

South East Landscape Project (LAG Round 4): South East Landscape Project: Repairing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at a landscape-scale, through community outreach & training, farmland revegetation & assisted habitat regeneration

Northern Slopes Project (LAG Round 5): (In Progress) Northern Slopes Landscape Project: Improving water health in the Northern Slopes Region, which extends approximately from Wynyard to Port Sorell, through planting native vegetation, which benefits water filtration, improves water flow, stabilises river banks, and supports river fauna. Events & workshops focus on carbon farming, environmental markets, revegetation techniques, ecological restoration, feral cat management, and school engagement.

Additional Projects Round: State-wide (In Progress 2022-2023): Projects for this round lie outside or add value to projects in focus catchments that Landcare Tasmania has undertaken in previous and current Landcare Action Grant Landscape rounds ie. Meander Valley, Coal River Valley, South East Tasmania and Huon-Channel.

Huon-Channel Catchment Restoration Project (LAG Round 6) (Upcoming 2023-2024): Increasing the health and resilience of waterways in the Northwest Bay River Catchment and Huon Valley Catchment through weed control & ID, riparian restoration, feral cat management, citizen science, and fauna monitoring and surveying. 


Landcare Assistance Program (LAP)

The Landcare Assistance Program is a small annual cash grant that supports group operational costs and insurance. (It is not available to Individual Members) Landcare Tasmania delivers the Landcare Assistance Program to support member group core costs and to cover insurance. The funds are generously provided by the Tasmanian Government. The grant amount varies from year to year depending on number of groups that apply, and insurance costs.

Member groups apply for the LAP Grant and Insurance each year on their membership renewal form. 

LAP Grant Info Insurance Info



Many businesses and organisations support our members' projects by providing discounted materials and plants

 Outdoor Cameras Australia supplies discounted wildlife cameras for our citizen science projects and member's equipment lending library

 Waratah supplies discounted guards, stakes, and materials to use in our projects

 Fifteen Trees has collaborated with us to provide thousands of plants for our Group and Individual members since 2017.