Council Partnerships

Working together can create a culture of Landcaring that invites, inspires and is inclusive.

Mutual Aims: partnerships between councils and Landcare Tasmania are typically formed on the basis of three complementary aims:

  • To facilitate and support the community so that they may play an active role in caring for a municipality's natural environment.
  • To work together to create a culture of Landcaring that invites, inspires and is inclusive, and that the local community wants to belong to.
  • To provide recognition and support for each party’s activities in fostering these aims.

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Mutually Supportive Activities: Landcare Tasmania and local councils can work together to support Landcare groups in their municipalities in many ways:

Remove financial barriers to setting up a group and joining Landcare Tasmania's network: 

  • Council-sponsored Landcare group membership fees ($40 per group)
  • Council-sponsored Landcare group insurance fees (~$240 per group), to be included in the Landcare Bulk Insurance Policy without having to rely on grant funding. Many councils find the bulk policy more cost effective than sourcing insurance through council insurance policies, and allows groups to be covered to work independently as well as on council-led projects.

A conduit to information and resources:

  • Work constructively to find solutions to issues that might be brought forward by community Landcare groups
  • Seek and share opportunities to secure additional funding and resources to support the community Landcare effort
  • Promote the sharing of resources, knowledge and experience among community Landcare Groups
  • Assist groups in achieving good governance for their organisations
  • Assist groups to apply sound planning to their events and activities
  • To foster and support groups to carry out safe Landcare activities

Promotion and Recognition:

  • Share and promote details of Landcare activities and events to constituents and stakeholders
  • Recognise and promote the contributions that each organisation makes to delivering Landcare in their municipality
  • Tell the story of community Landcare to a wide audience

Partnership Case Study

Kingborough Council + Landcare Tasmania



Landcare Tasmania entered into a formal Partnership agreement with Kingborough Council in 2017. Landcare Tasmania and Kingborough Council recognise they have mutual interests in community Landcare and that both provide complementary services and support to activities and outcomes in the municipality. 

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Group Insurance and/or Memberhsip Sponsors

Many councils support Landcare groups in their municipality by covering membership fees and/or paying for insurance (which allows our insurance grant funds to stretch further).


Number of Memberships Sponsored

Number of Groups' Insurance Sponsored (Landcare Bulk Insurance Policy)

2 2
7 7
9 -
17 12
9 7
30 10
24 20


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