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Businesses, organisations, and councils aiming to fulfil Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility goals can collaborate with Landcare Tasmania across various avenues to bolster environmental impact projects and community initiatives.

Through collaboration, you can showcase a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship while furthering your commitment as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious entity.

Together, we can collectively enact meaningful change to safeguard our environment for future generations.

To get your business, organisation or council involved, explore what we offer below, then submit an enquiry.

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Our Partners

Landcare Tasmania works to support the community Landcare movement through a range of formal and informal partnerships. We are always seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations and businesses with overlapping interests.

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Community Partners

National Landcare Network

At the national level we are a member of the National Landcare Network (NLN). The NLN is the representative body for Landcare groups across Australia and works to provide a voice for Landcare at the national level.

The NLN is made up of representatives from each State and Territory, who come together to share their successes and support one another in overcoming challenges. The NLN aims to tell the collective story and shared experiences of Landcarers across Australia, and advocate for the Landcare movement to enable it to continue its essential work building resilient and productive landscapes, and protecting our natural environment.

A key outcome of our involvement with the NLN is the 2022 "Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework" proposal ahead of the 2022 Federal Election. It is a visionary proposal that outlines the programs and investments needed for community Landcare to become a stronger, more sustainable, resilient and vibrant part of Australian society and environment. Download the Futures Framework here. Previous involvement included the 2016 “Building a resilient Australia”.

Landcare Tasmania’s powerful model of community engagement and empowerment occupies a unique space in the environmental management spectrum, ensuring that local ownership of issues, design and delivery of solutions, and maintenance of outcomes deliver cost-effective and sustainable outcomes not accessible through the 'top down' approach.

24 Carrot Garden Program

24_Carrot_Gardens.pngThe 24 Carrot Garden Program has officially partnered with Landcare Tasmania since 2019. They cover the Landcare Tasmania membership fee for their schools and they are involved in our Education Program. We work together to identify, share and develop opportunities and initiatives that will facilitate school students and their communities to develop practical skills, understanding and activities around sustainable living.


Government Partners

These partnerships with all levels of Government are critical in enabling Landcare Tasmania to operate and to support the invaluable work of our members and supporters.

Local Government

Many councils support Landcare groups in their municipality by covering membership fees and/or paying for insurance (which allows our insurance grant funds to stretch further):


Landcare Tasmania entered into a formal Partnership agreement with Kingborough Council in 2017. Landcare Tasmania and Kingborough Council recognise they have mutual interests in community Landcare and that both provide complementary services and support to activities and outcomes in the municipality. Read More

State Government

100079_Tas_Gov_Support_rgb_hor.jpgThe Tasmanian Government directly funds the Landcare Assistance Program, which enables Landcare Tasmania to provide free group insurance to member groups and provide cash support to enable them to operate. The Tasmanian Government is an active partner with Landcare Tasmania in providing financial support for our work. The partnership provides an invaluable contribution enabling us to fulfil our core functions and deliver vital services to our members. We deliver a part of the Landcare Action Grants on behalf of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). Read about the Landcare Action Grants under our Funding Opportunites page.

Federal Government


Landcare Tasmania also has the support of the Australian Government through financial assistance provided under the National Landcare Program. This support contributes to our base level of operations, directly supporting activities such as our members newsletters and consultation activities, providing linkages with Commonwealth programs, facilitating cooperation with NRM regional organisations, and enabling our participation in initiatives such as the National Landcare Network.

Major Donors to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF)

JM Roberts Charitable Trust

The JM Roberts Charitable Trust has been donating to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund since 2004, and continues to be our largest regular donor. The trustees have supported many of our programs, including open grant rounds to members, landscape restoration, education and outreach.

Elsie Cameron Foundation

The Elsie Cameron Foundation began donating to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund in 2022. The foundation supports Landcare Tasmania in many ways, including support for our core operations, education and outreach programs.

More about the TLF and our Donors

Associate Members

Associate membership is open to organisations such as businesses, councils, government agencies and other community groups and people who do not meet the requirements of being a community care group or an individual member. It's a great way to show your business's support for Landcare in Tasmania!

    Hobart Arbor Co 


Community Landcare Conference Sponsors

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2021 Community Landcare Conference Sponsors

2023 Community Landcare Conference Sponsors


These businesses support our programs by contributing trees and wholesale materials for our members