Renewal Instructions


  • How to Renew Online
  • How your group's online account works
  • Instructions for groups
    • Detailed Info for the Annual Membership Form
    • Detailed Info for the Member Services Forms (Insurance & LAP)
  • The Project Bank
  • Membership Agreement

Information about your Individual or Group Membership:

Annual memberships expire on the 31st of January. We have a generous 3-month grace period, however, groups who renew after the 1st of March will miss the deadline to access certain member services for the year, such as the LAP grant and Bulk Insurance program.

For new individuals or groups who joined after 30th September, your membership fee covers an extended period until the 31st of January of the following year. However, groups will still need to complete the Annual Membership Form to apply for the LAP grant and Insurance, and the information you will submit here is vitally important for us to work out how to best support your work and advocate for your needs.

How to Renew Online:

Completing the forms online is easiest because your details are pre-filled with the information we have on file already.

  1. Click the Membership Login button (below)
  2. Log in to your group's account.
    • Email Address: The Primary Contact's email address
    • Password: If you can't remember it, click the 'Forgot Your Password?' button for a link to reset it.
    • You are now logged into the Members Toolbox.
  3. Click on the green button labelled "Click here for Annual Membership Form".
  4. Complete each page (scroll down and click the Next or Submit button on each page)

If a page gets stuck and won't submit, please give us a call on 6234 7117. The forms work best on the Chrome internet browser. If you are able to email a screenshot of any errors, and let us know what device and browser you are using, then troubleshooting will be easier.

Membership Login

How your group's online account works:

Each member has an online member account with a username and password. The username is a unique email address; for groups, this is the email address for the person you told us was the "Primary Contact" for communications with Landcare Tasmania.

  • Since the email address is the unique username for a profile, this means you can't ask someone else in your group to log in and complete the renewal form for you - their email won't be connected to your group's account.
  • This also means that if you manage more than one group, you can't use the same email for both groups.
  • If you need to change the Primary Contact email address for your group simply contact us on 6234 7117 or [email protected] Alternatively, the current Primary Contact can log in and change it under Account Settings

Your online member account is a great resource for accessing member services! You can check the status of your membership and group insurance and LAP grant, update your group's public profile webpage, post an event to our calendar, and submit a project to our Project Bank to access funding.

Instructions for Groups: 

We've rolled all your annual Landcare Tas administrative tasks into one series of forms, which can be done online, by post, or over the phone. Membership Forms and payment are due on 31 January. There is a 3-month grace period to renew without having to apply as a new member again, however to avoid a gap in insurance cover you MUST renew by 01 March.

If you need someone else in your group to make the payment and acquit the LAP grant (e.g. your group's Treasurer):

We now have two 'magic links' in the renewal notice email, to copy and send to your Treasurer, so that they can make a payment for your group and acquit the LAP grant without having to log in. They will not have access to the other online Membership Form pages.

Whichever way you do your group's renewal forms, please gather the following before you begin:

  • Primary contact details for your member account
  • Public contact details
  • Where your group usually works
  • Organisation information
    • Incorporation status
    • ABN and GST registration (if applicable)
  • Volunteer information
    • Current number of core volunteers (Core volunteers = decision makers and/or committee members),
    • Current number of regular volunteers and members,
    • Last year's total volunteer hours,
    • Last year's maximum number of volunteers at any event or meeting,
    • Total number of events/meetings last year.
  • Volunteer activities
  • Does your group need insurance?
  • Does your group need a small grant (~$180 LAP grant)?
  • If you got the grant last year, what was it generally spent on (no receipts necessary)?
  • Credit card, or an offline payment method (if applicable to your group at this time)

Detailed Information for the Annual Membership Form:

Annual Membership Form page 1 of 2:

  1. Your group's primary contact details - name, phone, email, and postal address for Landcare Tasmania to contact your group.
  2. Your group's public contact details - name, phone and/or email of whoever is responsible for contact with the community
  3. Where your group works - the municipality, nearest suburb and postcode, the areas you are working in, and incorporation status (tick boxes)

Annual Membership Form page 2 of 2:

  1. Information about your group's activities: The issues you are working on, and activities you are doing to address those issues
  2. Information on your volunteers: 
    • Current number of core volunteers (Core volunteers = decision makers and/or committee members),
    • Current number of regular volunteers and members,
    • Last year's total volunteer hours,
    • Last year's maximum number of volunteers at any event or meeting,
    • Total number of events/meetings last year.
  3. Credit card for online payment, or choose an offline option. 
    • Certain groups do not need to pay a membership fee at this time. In this case the payment page will not be visible to you. This includes groups paid for by their local Council, MONA 24 Carrot Garden groups, Wildcare groups with centrally managed accounts, and new groups who joined after the 30th of September.

Detailed Information for key Member Services:

Member Services: Insurance

  1. Does your group need insurance cover? If your group has concrete plans for regular volunteer working bees, community events or meetings between 01 April 2022 - 31 March 2023, and your activities are NOT already covered by Council, Wildcare, DPIPWE, the Department of Education, or other insurance such as your farm or business insurance, then you will need this year's public liability insurance and volunteer workers accident insurance. 
    • The insurance covers Landcaring activities only. Insurance cover is provided by Chubb. The number of "core volunteers" in your group (the committee members / decision makers) determines the cost of the insurance premium. 
    • Through our grant program, the cost of your group's insurance can be covered by funds from the Landcare Assistance Program (LAP) Insurance Grant, with no out of pocket cost to your group. The grant funds are provided by the Tasmanian Government.
    • Alternatively, some local councils sponsor the cost of the insurance premium, allowing the grant funds to be available to more members.
    • By signing up to be included in the Bulk Insurance Program, your group is entering into a contract with the Insurer. You must read the insurance documentation to be sure it is right for your group: Read the Policy documents here (opens in a new window). The 2022 Bulk Insurance Policy will begin on 01 April 2022.

      Please be aware that on the standard policy, volunteers are NOT covered for the following activities:

      • Operation of chainsaws
      • Shooting or baiting of animals
      • Clearing or mainenance of fire breaks
      • Back burning or traditional fire burning
      • Events or excursions exceeding 1 day in duration, or exceeding 500 attendees
      • Handling or riding of horses
      • SCUBA diving
  2. Do you need extra cover, to cover these excluded activities? Some of these exclusions can be removed after providing further information. The form will allow you to request more information on how to remove the exclusions. You need to make a request every year - the extra cover does not carry over when renewing.

Member Services: LAP Grant

  1. Do you need a small grant to cover core costs? If yes, apply for the Landcare Assistance Program grant (small admin grant, usually paid out in May, very easy to acquit):
    • The group's ABN (if applicable), and whether the group is GST registered 
  2. Acquit last year's LAP grant - simply tick which category you spent the funds on, or list details under 'Other'. No receipts or itemised lists required.


The Project Bank: please tell us about any new project proposals for which you may require support. This is your first step towards accessing funding through the Tasmanian Landcare Fund, or other grants we are administering next year. If you've already submitted your project, it will stay in the project bank until it's funded, so there's no need to submit the same project twice.

Membership Agreement

By renewing your Landcare Tasmania membership you agree to the following code of conduct:

  • Notify Landcare Tasmania of any Landcare events run by the group prior to the event. You can do this online from the Members Toolbox, or send us the details by email.
  • Ensure the safety of myself and others involved in Landcare activities including conducting a safety/risk assessment for all group activities. We have made it easy for you: please click here to view Landcare Tasmania’s safety guide.
  • Will not purport to speak on behalf of Landcare Tasmania or other Landcare groups without permission.
  • Ensure communications from your group including social media are respectful and correct and that they will not bring the name Landcare into disrepute.
  • Read communications that are directed to your group Primary Contact.
  • Respond to reasonable requests for information about your group in a timely manner.
  • Seek approval from the relevant land owners/ managers prior to conducting any activities.

For help with this process please call (03) 6234 7117. Otherwise send us an email [email protected] If possible, send a screen shot of any error messages so we can sort them out quickly.