Insuring a Group

The Landcare Bulk Insurance policies include public liability insurance and volunteer workers accident insurance for Landcaring activities.  The Landcare Tasmania Bulk Insurance Policy is managed by our broker partner Austcover. Volunteer Workers Accident insurance is provided by Chubb; Public Liability insurance is provided by Keystone.

From 2024, Landcare Groups will need to choose which (or both) policies they need to be added to. Please read the documentation below before signing up.

For more information on the insurance, please contact our office on 03 6234 7117 and we will put you in contact with the insurance provider. For most groups, the insurance premium is covered by the Landcare Assistance Program (LAP) Insurance Grant (see below), and for some the cost is covered by local councils. Member Groups of Landcare Tasmania can be included in the Landcare Bulk Insurance policies by completing the short form on their New Member Application, and each subsequent year in the Annual Membership Form (January). 

Current Policy Documents

Download the Policy Wording and Certificates of Placement (PDF) using the buttons below. These are subject to change as the policies are renewed every year on the 1st of April.

2023 Certificate of Placement - Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance

2023 Certificate of Placement - Public and Products Liability Insurance

2023 Coverage Summary and Endorsements (Exclusions)

In the Policy Wording below, please refer only to the sections on Public & Products Liability Insurance (page 1-19), and Volunteer Workers Personal Accident Insurance (pages 20-34). Association Liability Insurance (pages 35-74) is NOT included. It can be made available for $165 per group. Contact us if interested.

2023 Keystone Combined Insurance Policy Wording

Bulk Insurance FAQ

1. Is my group eligible for Landcare Tasmania's bulk Landcare insurance policies?

Public Liability Insurance

Your group should be undertaking Landcare activities, and not already be covered by public liability insurance policy.

For example, farms and schools generally have their own public liability insurance and would not need to join the Landcare Tasmania bulk policy.

Volunteer Workers Accident Insurance

Your group should be undertaking Landcare activities, and not already be covered by a volunteer workers accident insurance policy. 

If volunteers are already covered by a volunteer workers accident insurance policy, for example through Council, Wildcare Tasmania, NRE, the Department of Education, farm or business, you most likely do not need to be on the Landcare bulk volunteer workers accident insurance policy.

Generally, if your group does have concrete plans for regular volunteer working bees, community events or meetings between 01 April 2024 - 31 March 2025, and your activities are not already covered by public liability and volunteer workers policies held by Council, Wildcare, NRE (formerly DPIPWE), the Department of Education, or other insurance such as your farm or business insurance, then your group can apply for both Landcare bulk public liability insurance and volunteer workers accident insurance policies. 

Please note, these are only guidelines, and Landcare Tasmania cannot legally provide insurance advice. We can refer any questions on your group's insurance needs to our broker Austcover.

2. Who is covered on the Landcare bulk insurance policies?

Public Liability Insurance

The public liability insurance covers "third parties" for personal injury and property damage in connection with your Landcare group and their activities. Refer to the full policy for details.

The following are excluded from the public liability policy, but cover will be offered on a case by case basis subject to insurer approval and possible extra premium:

(you would need to send us details in writing, to be passed on to the insurer for review)

  • Any shooting or baiting of animals
  • Any SCUBA Diving
  • Any event or excursions exceeding one day duration or 500 attendees
  • Any overnight excursions/camping
  • Any participation in any sporting activity or event

The following are excluded from cover:

  • use of chainsaws, unless the user is certified to perform operation
  • tree lopping, cutting, or removal where the tree involved exceeds five metres in height
  • any burning activities
  • creating or ploughing of firebreaks
  • bicycle repairs
  • event-specific exclusions:
    • cancellation or non-appearance
    • inflatables
    • participation in contact sports
    • pyrotechnics
    • mechanical amusement rides
    • temporary elevated seating
    • firearms
  • Contract Works Activities that exceed $50k or Contract Works Activities that are not owned or occupied, rented or leased by your Landcare group. Refer to the policy for the definition of Contract Works Activities.

Volunteer Workers Accident Insurance

  • The volunteer workers accident insurance covers personal accidents for volunteers only, while they are engaged in activities officially organised by the Landcare group, including necessary direct travel to and from the activity. It does not cover contractors or employees. Refer to the full policy for details.

3. What dates do the current policies cover?

The 2023 Bulk Insurance Policies begin 01 April 2023, ending on 31 March 2024.

The 2024 Bulk Insurance Policies will begin 01 April 2024, ending on 31 March 2025.

4. Is there an upfront cost to be included on this bulk insurance policy?

No, there is no out-of-pocket cost. As of 2023, insurance premiums are $237 per group. The cost of your group's insurance is covered through Landcare Assistance Program (LAP) Insurance Grant, delivered every year by Landcare Tasmania. The funds are generously provided by the Tasmanian Government. There is no out of pocket cost to your group. Some councils also cover the cost of insurance for their groups, which helps the grant funds go further. Supporting councils include:

Brighton Council logoCentral Coast Council logoClarence City Council logoKingborough Council logo

5. How does my group apply for the Landcare Assistance Program (LAP) Insurance Grant?

Member Groups can apply for the Insurance Grant on their New Member Application, and each subsequent year on the Annual Membership Form (sent out in January).

6. Do we need to apply every year? 

YES! You must re-apply every year in the Annual Membership Form (January). For renewing members, the deadline to be included on the bulk insurance policy is 01 March, otherwise you risk having a gap in cover.

7. Is there an acquittal form for the Insurance Grant?

NO. Since the the grant funds all go towards insurance, it is easy for Landcare Tasmania to acquit this Insurance Grant on your behalf.