Insuring a Group

Insurance – buying power means savings for groups

Requested by, and loved by our members, we started the Bulk Insurance Scheme in 2010. By negotiating directly with the insurance company we have been able to find huge savings (about $12000) each year on insurance for over 110 participating groups.

Standard policies provide public liability cover to $10 million and personal accident cover $10 million.

All policies start 1 April and groups must register their interest by mid-March each year.

Read more about insuring a group here:

insuring a group



How do I register my group for the scheme?

If your group is interested in signing up for the insurance scheme you will need express your interest via the Member's Toolbox or contact us by calling our office (03) 6234 7117. It is possible that your group has already applied as the application this year was a simple check box on membership renewal form. 

Do I have to register each year?

You will not need to re-register each year. We will continue to insure your group each year. However, in order for this to go through seamlessly you will need to have a current membership. 

Is my insurance cover continuous?

Yes, we submit the list of groups to the insurer in March each year, and we pay the insurance so there is no disruption to coverage. We then send out a request for payment to cover the cost of insurance and you are required to pay within 30 days. 

How will my group now they are insured?

Once your group has paid the insurance premium a Certificate of Placement will be emailed or posted to you.

Can I get a higher level of coverage?

Yes, it is possible to get a higher level however, there will be an extra cost for this service.

How much will the insurance cost?

It will vary each year, but in 2016 the cost was $160 for groups under 10 members and $340 for groups over 10. Not bad eh!

What if I need to make a claim?

It's important to let us know as soon as possible. We will send you the claim forms and forward them on to the insurer.

Does the insurance cover people under 5 and over 80 years of age?

Yes, there is no upper or lower age limit on the policy.

Can I look at the policy documents?

Really! here they are, sleep well! 

Broadform Liability Policy Group Personal Accident