Double your impact on community landcare action in May!

17th May 2023 |

In May, we have the opportunity to DOUBLE our impact for our Landcare Groups. 

How Your Donations Help

Did you know that last year the Seymour Community Action Group Inc. got an extra 54 hectares of land included in the Seymour Conservation Area?  This comes as a result of decades of rehabilitation work by the local community.  This reclassification means that the Seymour Conservation Area is now nearly double in size.

The hard work of this group has involved significant gorse management and restoration of native vegetation. They have worked with experts and the community to be stewards of this high conservation value wetland. 

The Seymour Swamp is home to the lowland spiral orchid, mossy pennywort, and the green and gold frog.  Thanks to the work of this group, these significant conservation species will have a chance to thrive in the rich habitat of this wetland. 

"We come from a rag-tag bunch. But Landcare have been a constant thread of support to us from the very beginning.  They have been an essential foundation and encouragement through advisory, administration, supplies, connection and network.  They have acted as a pillar of inspiration and connected us to a wealth of knowledge."  said SCAGI Group Convenor, Quentin Smith. 

We feel chuffed to be able to support SCAGI in their Landcare work, and we know that with more funding support we can continue helping our members smash their goals! There are more groups doing critical work like this all over lutruwita / Tasmania that need your help.  

Match it in May

Between 2020 and 2022, our membership grew by 120 groups and individual Landcarers. That’s a 40% increase in just two years! With an exciting number of Landcare groups working across Lutruwita/Tasmania, we're seeking donations so we can match the growing demand for community guidance and assistance, to ensure we can support our groups to make a difference. For example, while we have been able to support 134 important Landcare projects since 2019, our Project Bank has over 100 Landcare projects that still need funding.  

We want, and need, to do more. 

Our membership is growing in response to increasing environmental challenges - and we urgently need to support this growth.

In the face of significant environmental pressures, including widespread biodiversity loss and climate change, we are at a crucial moment in time.

We are calling for your support this May, to help over 300 Landcare groups and 100 individual Landcarers restore the health of our local environments.

In the month of May, every dollar you donate to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund will be doubled.

The Elsie Cameron foundation has pledged to match every donation made up to $75,000.

That means, we have an opportunity to raise $150,000 for grassroots Landcare in Tasmania before the end of this financial year. 

Will you consider donating to Landcare this May to help grassroots Landcarers protect and restore the soils, waterways, flora, fauna, climate and communities that make up our beautiful island? 

Your donation will make a positive change supporting a movement that aims to care for the land and waterways of lutruwita / Tasmania now and for generations to come. 

We thank you for your continued support.