The Dirty Hands - April 2022

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Plantation Restoration in Saltwater River - 30th April

*This Saturday!* 

Landcare Tasmania is launching its fourth landscape-scale project with a plantation restoration workshop on the Tasman Peninsula.

As the launch of Landcare’s South East Landscape Project for 2022, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to hear first-hand about the project. The project entails a year of planting on farms, fencing, and many workshops in the Tasman and Pitt Water Coal catchments.

Restoration expert Todd Dudley will talk in detail on plantation and ecological restoration. It will include a walk-and-talk in a local plantation that is going to be restored to native vegetation.

This workshop will provide practical knowledge and skills for participants to undertake their own restoration projects. Whether attendees have their own project or are simply interested in learning more about ecosystems and natural values of the area, this workshop will be highly valuable.

Come along to learn some valuable skills and to hear what is happening in the region.


This project is part of our Landscape Restoration Program, which aims to bring together several members working on common issues, to gain a greater long-term benefit at a landscape scale. Funded by: State Government Landcare Action Grants.


Joining Forces to Fight Spanish Heath in the Northwest

Landcare Tasmania is collaborating with five councils in Tasmania’s Northwest who have joined forces to combat the increased threat posed by Spanish heath (Erica lusitanica).

Spanish heath outcompetes with pasture plants as well as native plants. It also reduces food sources and habitat for native wildlife. 

It his highly combustible and poses a significant fire hazard. 

Devonport City Council, Burnie City Council, Central Coast Council, Waratah-Wynyard Council, and Circular Head Council are spreading the news on how to tackle the weed.

NRM Officer Phil Hrstich said we have a unique chance to stop this invasive weed before it becomes out of control and impossible to eradicate, thanks to the State Government's Weed Action Fund.

"We are offering a FREE SPRAY KIT to eligible property owners within the dedicated eradication zones to aid their efforts in removing this pest from their properties." 

To find out if your property qualifies for a kit, contact the NRM/Weed Officer at your local council. 

Landcare Tasmania's involvement in the Weed Action Fund group is part of our Advocacy work which aims to raise the profile and get better support for important issues and Community Landcare in Tasmania.


Coming up:

Tackling Weeds with Fungi and Insects - 10th May

We will be hosting an info session on the various biocontrol methods available for invasive weeds.  Over thirty biocontrol agents, insects and fungi, have been released in Tasmania. They are used to target weeds such as gorse, thistles, brooms, boneseed, ragwort and more. In this free info session we will be hearing from Dr John Ireson from the University of Tasmania, who has been researching biocontrol for over 35 years, and who's research group received a Landcare Research Award for work on the biological control of ragwort.

Dr Ireson will be providing an introduction of the current biocontrol methods available, an update about their successes, and an outlook for the future of biocontrol.  Whether you are a farmer, looking after your local patch, or simply interested in weed management in your local area, this workshop is set to provide some great insights.


Dung Beetle Evening - 13th May

Dung beetles do wonderful things for soil and pasture health, including reducing parasite numbers, preventing nutrient runoff, and more. Over some nibbles and drinks, Tasmanian dung beetle expert Andrew Doube will speak about these amazing invertebrates and their role in the landscape. The workshop is being hosted by Iain and Kate Field from the lovely Leap Farm in Copping.

Kate is a finalist for the Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award 2022 and Leap Farm was a finalist (honorary mention) for the Australian Government Landcare Farming Award in 2021.


Farm Field Day - 19th May

This field day offers a rich program of speakers joining us on-farm to share knowledge on sustainable farming and integrated pest management.  In the beautiful landscape of Jansz vineyard we will hear valuable insights from viticulture specialists and biocontrol experts that can be applied to viticulture, farming and other land uses. 

We look forward to bringing together members of the community, researchers and seasoned sustainable viticulturalists to share learnings in a diverse array of sustainability farming principles.  From climate risk, water asset management, organic farming, farm ecology, biodynamics, non-chemical weed control and more.  An essential workshop for those endeavouring to farm for the future and nurture our environment for generations to come.  

Join us! 



These field days are part of our Outreach Program which aims to increase capacity for Landcarers so that all our land and coasts can be cared for by the community.


Happy World Penguin Day! 

Image: © Penguin Rehab & Release 

Happy World Penguin Day! 

Did you know that Tasmania is home to the world's smallest species of penguin? Weighing in at just one kilogram when fully grown, over 100,000 Little Penguins call Tasmania’s coastlines home. 

Read more about Little Penguins, threats, and what is being done by some of our penguin-caring members. 


This features as part of our Advocacy work, to raise the profile and get better support for important issues and Community Landcare in Tasmania.


Volunteers Needed: Cooee to Camdale Coastcare

Help is needed to secure penguin fencing and restore coastal habitat with Cooee to Camdale Coastcare Group.
Join this fantastic group on Wednesday 27th April at 5:30-6:30pm to get involved.

Want to volunteer somewhere else in Tasmania? Check out our map of groups around the state.


This promotion is part of our Member Support Services which include sharing member stories, events and calls to action. Would you like us to share your story? Get in touch



Junior Artist Dung Beetle Portraits 

We have just received a series of exclusive dung beetle portraits by Richmond Primary School artists who painted beetles at the Dung Beetle workshop we held last month.

Check out these gorgeous representations of the beetles! Can you guess the species? 


Landcare Tasmania's Education Program now includes 30 member schools ranging from Early Learning to High School.  Would your educational institution benefit from a Landcare program? Why not become a member?


Worth a Watch

"There's so much positive we can do, and Landcare really captures that." 

Our generous volunteers have put together a beautiful wrap-up of the 2021 Conference.  Listen to the heartfelt stories of Landcarers statewide who are deeply committed to caring for our environment for current and future generations.

Thanks to volunteers Robert Alcock, Huon Douglas, Ochre Bodhi, Hamish Dore, and the many conference volunteers, field photographers, and community Landcarers.  

Healing Country 

Cool burning has been a way of life for indigenous Australians for the past 60 thousand years. As Australia experiences more and more devastating bush fires each year, Jason Andrew Smith is teaching this ancient practice to indigenous and non indigenous people in the hope that together we can start to heal country.

"This country was micromanaged for thousands of years and nothing has really changed in that sense today, we still have to micromanage. So that means going in and doing a lot of stuff manually...and with that becomes the start of you building that relationship with Country." -Jason Andrew Smith

Watch the film by Miro Digital Tasmanian Creative/Documentary Film Maker featuring fire practitioner and healer Jason Andrew Smith.


This features as part of our Advocacy work, to raise the profile and get better support for important issues and Community Landcare in Tasmania.



A huge thanks to all those who supported this raffle.  Friends of Huon Island have raised $3,000 to support the incredible restoration work they are undertaking on 'the island of tall trees.' The group are supporting habitat for an array of species and promoting rich, biodiverse ecosystems on the special island.  

Watch our live raffle draw announcing the lucky prize winners!

This raffle is part of our Member Support Services which include supporting member campaigns through administrative support and promotion. 



Landcare Futures Framework

Our national representative body, the National Landcare Network (NLN) has announced the Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework proposal, seeking support ahead of the Federal Election. If adopted, it would see a $48 million investment over five years to support community-based Landcare across the nation and is in addition to, and complementing, the existing Regional Land Partnership program.

The NLN has heard a loud and united call for targeted investment in Landcare to enhance capacity into the future. Ahead of the election, the National Landcare Network alongside all State and Territory Landcare organisations are calling for this future investment to ensure Landcare is partnering with Government to deliver grassroots programs for the benefit of communities, the environment and for productive landscapes.

Read more about The Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework.


Statewide Census: Wild Fallow Deer

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE Tasmania) is undertaking a census of the wild deer population in Tasmania to help gain an understanding of their abundance and distribution.  This will inform the Tasmanian wild fallow deer management plan. 

NRE Tasmania are seeking members of the public to report sightings of, and signs of, wild fallow deer. 

Deer are thought to occur in areas of high conservation value, including the Tasmanian World Wilderness Heritage Area and other national parks.  Increased numbers and distribution of deer, especially in these areas, are likely to have environmental impacts. 



This features as part of our Advocacy work, to raise the profile and get better support for important issues and Community Landcare in Tasmania.


Welcome to our New Member Groups!

New member groups are a great demonstration of the generosity of the Tasmanian community to get involved in caring for our bush, land, coasts, rivers, and wildlife. They're contributing to our vision for all the land and coasts of Tassie to be cared for by the community. Join them if you're in their area!

Sorell Council Landcare - Council/Community Group 

Woodbridge School Landcare Group - School Group 

Blackjack Dell Restoration Group - Property Group


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Featured Photo - Jelly Fungi 

Melitta Mumford - Jelly Fungi - Submitted to our Photography Competition last year.


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