Day Out on Huon Island

Come on a journey to Huon Island with this beautiful film of the 2020 Friends of Huon Island tree planting. This years planting was supported by Fifteen Trees and the Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF) as well as the Huon Valley Council, Kingborough Council and Stormy Lifejackets.  Video production thanks to Mike Sampey of Miro Digital

Huon Island was originally covered with rainforest before being cleared for potato farming. Friends of Huon Island have been revegetating the island with native species that provide habitat for the endangered Swift Parrot, Little Penguins and Shearwaters.  The group are also addressing erosion on the island with smaller shrubs to stabilise the banks, which helps maintain habitat for Little Penguins. 

With thanks to Fifteen Trees, TLF and councils, this year saw Friends of Huon Island plant double the number of trees than their usual yearly plantings. 

"We've been planting on Huon Island for 8 or 9 years now, and there's still a lot more planting to do"

It is necessary to go back every year to get the large area revegetated. "But that's great, I love going there" 

The group planted over 200 Blue, Black and White Gums, She Oaks and other understory tubestock.

While on the island the group also collects cutting material which they take to the nursery for propagation for future plantings in a variety of projects.  Planning and seed collection is underway for the next year's activity in this decade-long restoration project.  

The group enjoy heading over to Huon Island for plantings, and report always being very well looked after for lunch! 

"Its beautiful to come here and plant the trees, and then you come back the year later and you see how well they've grown"

"That whole process of growing plants, seeing them grow and watching how they change the landscape and the services they provide for our landscape, it's just so rewarding" 

"Yes! Its my day out on Huon Island -I look forward to it, I love it"

Stormy Lifejackets and the Federal Government combined to ensure everyone was safe on the boat trips supplying beautiful, new red life jackets.  Aerial cinematography by Lily Barnett.  Produced, filmed & edited by Mike Sampey.