Tas Landcare Fund

"You have to make a decision as to what you do with your estate and I gave it some thought and I feel personally very fortunate that I could, at the end of the line, help the community through Landcare."

- Mr. John Roberts

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In 2003 Landcare Tasmania was approached by a retired farmer, Mr John Roberts, who wanted to make a bequest that would make a difference. He believed that if we looked after our land we would be able to produce healthy food and therefore healthy people – it was that simple!

His vision has been realised through support of the Tasmanian Landcare Fund (a tax-deductible gift fund). This fund provides grants to the community landcare movement. Since 2004, over $500,000 of donations to the fund have been used to support important on ground work on farms, in schools and with community groups across the State.

Click the yellow button to add your contribution to the fund. Your generosity will help support the continuing work of Landcare in Tasmania and to deliver the vision that people like John Roberts so generously bestowed for future generations.


Your Contribution Could Help Fund The Next Round

Round 20

Weed Management
Amount granted: $28,880

Recipients: 7
Weed removal and riparian rehabilitation at Sedgy Creek, Franklin, King Island,...

Round 19

Educational Projects
Amount granted: $80,477

Recipients: 14
school farms, natural springs
rehabilitation, thistle control,
Mt. Roland and Cradle Mountain

Round 18

Water, Soil, Plants, Animals
Amount Granted: $50,473
Recipients: 10
improving water quality, re-
vegetation, river recovery,
island follow up control

Round 17

Water, Soil, Plants, Animals
Amount granted $50,675
Recipients: 9
Fencing, removal of gorse,
willow, blackberry, improved
marsupial habitat.

Round 16

2013 Bushfire Recovery
Amount granted $17,441 
Recipients: 1
Start up funding for 
Weed Aid, in response 
to bushfires.