Volunteers - Thank You

18th May 2022

It's National Volunteer Week, and we want to celebrate the tireless contributions of volunteers that make up the Landcare movement! They just don't stop... sometimes with a smile, other times not so much... but always with a community around to help us all battle on - caring for the local patch and facing the tough challenges ahead.  We are 'Better Together' - the theme of this year's National Volunteer Week

Image: Friends of Bass Strait Islands (FoBSI) volunteers 

Did you know there are over 6,000 Landcare volunteers statewide in 2022? Or that in 2021 volunteers contributed over 104,000 hours to Landcare?

Volunteers help in so many ways... by planting, propagating, cutting, painting, spraying, pulling, fencing, guarding, watering, phone calling, writing, data-entry-ing, mapping, monitoring, sweeping, building, nurturing, harvesting, cooking, teaching, or maybe making the bikkies for morning tea...

Image: Did you know Landcaring is good for your mental and physical wellbeing? It's been studied! And we would believe it, with all the smiling faces... Why not sign up to volunteer today? 

It's all SO important, and so valued for our land, coasts, waterways and communities.... and we want all volunteers out there to know that this does not go unnoticed.  Please give yourselves a pat on the back... and maybe an extra bikkie next working bee.

"Volunteering brings people together; it builds communities and creates a better society for everyone.  National Volunteer Week is a chance for all of us to celebrate and recognise the vital work of volunteers and to say thank you." -Volunteering Australia 

A huge thank you from the team at Landcare Tasmania. 
Image: Well-fed volunteers are important...Friends of Bass Strait Islands (FoBSI)