Workshops for practical action on feral cats

5th Oct 2022 |

We are holding two feral cat workshops this month to help Landcarers take practical action to manage feral cats. 

These workshops follow on from Landcare Tasmania’s recent information sessions which brought together concerned locals with a panel of experts to discuss what we can do as a community to manage the state-wide feral cat problem.

So far, the community info sessions have provided participants with an understanding of the impact of feral cats as well as guidance on best practice management of feral cats and legislation.  This month’s workshops will focus on the practical steps that locals can take for feral cat management. 

Image: Feral cat info session in Ulverstone this year

These workshops aim to engage Landcare groups to be part of the next step in tackling the feral cat problem.  We want these sessions to be hands on and help participants begin the process of creating an action plan, or refine plans they have already started. 

In these sessions attendees will workshop cat management project plans, learn how to trap feral cats, and hear from local Landcare groups about what they are doing to manage feral cats in their area. 

We will learn;

  • How to trap feral cats
  • How to start your own feral cat management plan
  • Legal do's and don't
  • What other landcare groups are doing in this space
  • Monitoring of feral cat populations

Guest speakers include Gill Basnett, who is the National Feral Cat and Fox Management Coordinator at the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, and John Bowden, an experienced and qualified trapper with many years of experience working as a feral cat management contractor across Tasmania.

There is a real demand for this kind of training for the community.  We hope to help everyday community members take ethical and effective action for feral cat management in their area that will have huge benefits statewide. 

Invitations to these information sessions are for Landcare group members.  If you are a member and would like to attend, please contact [email protected].  Not a member? Why not Join a Group or Become a Member here.    

These workshops form part of Landcare Tasmania’s Outreach Program and are supported by the State Government’s Landcare Action Grants.