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We achieve a great deal with the equivalent of 4.4 paid staff... and many volunteers! 

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 Member Support Program 


We support our members with project assistance and the resources needed to coordinate their volunteers.

This is our core. Community Landcare depends on a foundation of well-resourced members. Our members are landholders, farmers, schools, and community groups full of Tasmanians from all walks of life, who care about the health of their local landscapes. Local people have a sense of ownership and long-term connection to place. This is why the community is best placed to look after their local landscapes. This is why the grassroots, "bottom-up" approach of the community-led Landcare movement is so enduring -- and worth investing in.

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  Community Outreach Program

We introduce new people to Landcare, and empower them with skills and knowledge sharing, training and education workshops


  Education Program

Our Education Working Group is strengthening ties between schools, TAFE, UTAS, and local Landcarers


  Landscape Restoration Program

We bring members together to tackle local issues at a landscape scale, to build resilient communities and resilient landscapes. Recent 


  Advocacy Program

We are the collective voice of community Landcare in Tasmania

We raise the profile of community Landcare in the media, and with all levels of government, to get more support for our members. We run community awareness campaigns around issues important to community Landcare.