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Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Do you know if the Landcare work you are planning could impact on Aboriginal cultural heritage?

Aboriginal cultural heritage refers to places, objects and traditions, as well as places of spiritual or ceremonial significance to Aboriginal people. It is everyone's responsibility to find out if their on-ground activities will impact aboriginal cultural heritage. 

You may be asking yourself...

  • How can I find out if there is Aboriginal heritage where I live?
  • How can I find out if Aboriginal heritage will be impacted by my ground disturbance work?
  • What do I do if I think I have found Aboriginal heritage?
  • What are the consequences for me if I damage Aboriginal heritage?

Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania gives free advice to landowners, land managers and developers, and they have just released an excellent Aboriginal Heritage Awareness online training module!

We encourage everyone to use this excellent resource

Please forward this on to your friends and colleagues


Landcare Tasmania pays deep respect to the palawa/pakana of lutruwita who have cared for this land for more than 2,000 generations and continue to do so. We celebrate and honour the original inhabitants of lutruwita past, present and future.  We pro-actively ensure that all projects funded through Landcare Tasmania are checked against the Aboriginal Heritage Register. 

We are proud to have a number of Landcarers and groups in our membership that identify as being Indigenous. 

Save the Date!

We are so excited to announce the date of our 2021 conference!

2021 Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference

Reconnecting people, place, nature & sustainability

Launceston Tailrace Centre | 01-03 October, 2021

The United Nations has declared 2021-2030 the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. This is our last chance to halt and reverse the decline of natural and production ecosystems worldwide. Grassroots movements, such as community Landcare, will play a vital role in realising the UN’s ambition of a sustainable future for people and nature. Landcare Tasmania’s 2021 conference will strengthen the Landcare movement’s contribution to this global imperative through the sharing of ideas, skills, experiences and knowledge.


A new dung beetle for Tassie

Dung beetles on our farms provide huge benefits for people and the environment.  Landcare Tasmania is supporting a new project which is working to introduce new dung beetle species into Tasmania. 

As dung beetle expert Andrew Doube explains, "Dung beetles are the 'ecosystem engineers' who bury the cow, horse and sheep poo. This keeps it out of our waterways, makes the paddocks more healthy, helps the grass grow faster, and destroys gut worms that would otherwise infect the livestock."


Summer Working Bee Buzz


Our member groups have shared some great summertime achievements and photos with us. Featuring UTAS Avian Club, UTAS Biological Sciences Club, Friends of Wellington Park, King Island Field Naturalists Club, Friends of Mt Field, and Friends of Freycinet. 


Members, we'd love for you to share more of your stories with us! Reach us by email, or tagging us on social media @LandcareTasmania. 


Members - Register for Training Opportunities

One of Landcare Tasmania's key member services is providing opportunities for training and networking. Our FREE (for Members) Member Outreach events in 2021 will be all about upskilling and networking, helping to empower you and your communities to look after your patch. Planning is well under way to launch this workshop series, but there is still time to register your interest.

*Current Individual and Group Members, please remember to complete the Annual Membership Form if you haven't done so already - memberships expire on 31 Jan*

If you're not a member, you can easily become a member now. Annual Memberships with Landcare Tas run by the calendar year, renewing on 31 January. If you join now, your membership will be valid until 31 January 2022Download our Membership Benefits info.


Worth a read...

How much would food cost if we factored in planetary impacts? - from Anthropocine Magazine

What makes conditions ripe for bushfire? - from ABC news

Blackberries & Bandicoots - from the City of Hobart's Bandicoot Times

Other ways to get involved

You can show your support and contribute to the Community Landcare movement in so many ways.

Your voice is more valuable than you think:

Get on-ground:

Events Calendar

See below for a full listing of member events in the coming months. As many COVID-19 restrictions are now lifting, please check with the organiser whether these events are indeed running or whether they have been cancelled.


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