Mt Rumney Landcare Inc.

The Group has been actively caring for the Mount Rumney  (lower Meehan Range Area) since the 1960's when local landowners regularly gathered to control serrated tussock. The Group focus broadened some 25 years ago towards protecting the high conservation value grassy blue gum, black gum and black peppermint woodlands and forests  and their habitats they provide for threatened species such as the swift parrot, masked owl and eastern barred bandicoot.  The Group has attracted well over a $100,000 in grants and support to implement on ground works, education and awareness activities for private landowners based on the Mt Rumney Vegetation Management Plan 2013-2018. Recent focus has been on working individually on a one to one basis with landowners to improve their appreciation and understanding and on how to protect and care for their remnant vegetation communities and the critical habitat it provides including hollow bearing trees. To this end, over the last 10 years  the Group has successfully developed, funded, implemented and reported back to the community by regular newsletters, 5 major projects involving 1:1 engagements between landowners and friendly environmental consultants and follow up on ground works.

Whilst most landowners are keen to take on a shared responsibility to care for the region's natural values, the Group's on going challenge is to create a behavioral and attitudinal change  in a newly arrived landowners and old conservative landowners who continue with their understorey clearing and park-scaping of their properties. This is  often driven under the misapprehension that clearing far beyond the TFS recommended Defendable Space areas will reduce their risk from bush fires   

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Clarence City Council

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This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Phil Watson
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