Who we are

Since 1994, Landcare Tasmania has been helping local groups care for the land and coasts.

Landcare Tasmania is the peak body that works to represent, support, strengthen and grow Tasmania’s community Landcare. This community works on the ground to improve the health of our natural and working environments and is represented by people from the whole state, supported by over 200 local community groups.

Working Together

Our quality of life and the health of our communities depend on these things. They are things that make it possible for us to live and thrive. To ensure good health and stewardship of our lands and coasts there is a vast amount of work to be done.

But together we can, because many hands make light work. In 2019, we engaged more than 3,000 people in Landcare operations. Over 2,000 separate landcare activities were carried out and collectively we performed 135,000 hours of work around the State on both public and private land.

Together, we can be the stewards that leave a lasting landscape for all Tasmanians.

"Since coming to Landcare Tasmania I have been genuinely inspired, and humbled, by the enduring energy and commitment of the people in community Landcare to caring for the land. Few other movements can genuinely claim such diversity in their membership, in how they organise themselves, in the range of problems they address, and in the variety and creativity of the solutions they find. Landcare Tasmania's has had the honour of supporting and growing this movement for over 20 years, and is working constantly to find new and better ways of achieving this."

- CEO, Rod Knight