Who we are

Since 1994, Landcare Tasmania has been helping local communities care for our land and coasts, farms and towns, waterways and wildlife.

Landcare Tasmania is the peak body that works to represent, support, strengthen and grow Tasmania’s community Landcare. This community works on the ground to improve the health of our natural and working environments and is represented by people from the whole state, supported by over 300 local community groups.

At Landcare Tas we often find people are surprised or unclear about who we are and how we work. Let us explain.

Some of the common confusions are that we are a government agency or part of Landcare Australia or other organisations like NRM regions - we are none of these. We are an independent, non-profit incorporated association that exists to represent, support, strengthen and grow community Landcare in Tasmania. For us it's pretty much all about the members, and ultimately it is their organisation.

Landcare Tas members are 'care' groups, individuals and associate members. We provide a wide range of services to all members, but only group members have voting rights through the Annual General Meeting.

Landcare Tasmania Organisational Chart

Board    Members Council    Staff    

We are a little different to most incorporated associations. Our Board is skills based and focused on organisational governance. Management to deliver the strategic direction and to provide the services members need (e.g. grants, insurance, information, training) are delegated to the CEO and delivered by our fantastic team of staff. The Members Council is a standing subcommittee of the Board, specified in the Constitution, that provides advice on strategic direction, represents the members, and is actively involved in many of our initiatives. The Board and Members Council both have subcommittees and working groups for various projects, and our day to day operations are also assisted by some terrific office volunteers. You'd be surprised how much of what you see on our news blog, and through our Facebook and Instagram feeds is produced by some amazing volunteers.

An important feature of Landcare Tas is that our members operate independently. How they organise themselves and what they choose to work on is largely determined by them. We assist by keeping track of members interests and needs, and organising our advocacy work and services to support this. It's mostly bottom up but Landcare Tas also plays an important role in developing new approaches to important issues, for example through community awareness programs, citizen science and training, and ensuring our groups and other members have:

  • Confidence to take ownership of issues that are important in their communities;
  • Competence to play a leading role in the design and delivery of solution; and
  • Commitment to work together in maintaining outcomes into the future.

Community Landcare is all about people working together to address their environment, land management and sustainability challenges, and sharing this with others and through their involvement with Landcare Tas. That's why our organisational vision - for all the land and coasts of Tasmania to be cared for by the community - is focused on people first. Landcare issues are often long term and recurring, so we need committed and engaged local communities to address them.

We are focused on building capacity and resilience in the community. With a steady stream of new Member Groups forming across the State over the last several years, it's clearly something that Tasmanians want and value. We're here to help.

Where We Work