Guides For Landcare Groups


How you set up, run and communicate in your group is important for both Landcare Tasmania and you and your group. Check out this handy guide with examples of how to set your group up for success. 


Member Groups of Landcare Tasmania can be included in the Landcare Bulk Insurance policy, which can cover a range of volunteer activities you and your group may be doing. It's free to those who need it through the Landcare Assistance Program (LAP) insurance grant. Check out the details here. 

Covering the costs of running a group

Member Groups of Landcare Tasmania can access the Landcare Assistance Program (LAP) cash grant - a small annual cash grant to help a little with the administration costs of running a group. It can go towards any cost to the group, for example: safety gear, project materials, contractors or professionals, incorporation fees, post, stationary, phone or internet. *Note - As of 2024 this is under review due to changes in State Government funding


What are the benefits of becoming an incorporated association? Should your group look into incorporation? This is a handy check list of the pluses and minuses of having an incorporated group. 


Safety is paramount. Landcare groups are responsible for protecting their members and participants, and for recognising and managing risks. It is essential that groups operate in a safe manner at all times.