Building Seed Resilience - A Bicheno Workshop

19th April 2023 | 

Last Saturday's Seed Collection and Propagation workshop was a great success.  We were joined by members of the Bicheno Landcare Group and the Seymour Community Action Group Inc. The participants enjoyed sorting seed from their local areas and then planted this seed in tree tubes ready to take home and look after. These plants will go directly to the on-ground works that both groups are doing,  helping to improve the biodiversity and resilience of the local ecosystems.

Image: Seed collection and propagation workshop © Rowiina Howard

This event is a part of a larger project aimed at encouraging and training local groups to collect, store and propagate seed from their local area. By doing so, we can help ensure that the unique and valuable plants that grow in Tasmania are preserved for future generations.

Why is seed resilience important? Tasmania has a number of unique plant species that grow nowhere else in the world. Many of these plants are threatened by habitat loss, climate change and other factors. By collecting and propagating seeds, we can help to preserve these species and maintain the biodiversity of our local ecosystems.

And it's not just about preserving rare or threatened species. Seed resilience is important for all plants, as it ensures that they can adapt to changing environmental conditions and continue to thrive. By collecting and propagating seeds from a variety of different plants, we can help to build resilience in our local ecosystems and ensure that they can withstand the challenges of the future.

If you're interested in getting involved in the Seed Resilience Project we are currently seeking expressions of interests for involvement in a volunteer nursery in Huonville. Get in touch with [email protected]. You'll not only be helping to preserve the unique plants of Tasmania, but you'll also be contributing to the health and resilience of our local environment.

This workshop contributes to a larger Local Seed Resilience project aiming to build capacity and improve the skills of local communities, and is a part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach programs funded by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants Additional Projects Round