Regeneration at Penny's

22nd June 2023 |

This week we enjoyed a picturesque visit to Penny Laksey's property to have a look at the natural regeneration happening along the kukuninka/Leven River in North West lutruwita.

With the assistance of Landcare Tasmania and some serious elbow grease from these amazing farmers, the site has responded positively. A concerted effort by Penny and husband Steve through fencing, offstream watering, natural regeneration and active revegetation has resulted in a functioning and healthy riparian zone, improved water quality and healthy stock and pasture.

Listen to the Tas Country interview here.


This tributary needs an extra helping hand to get going.



Fencing off, what was bare earth to the river in 2016, has resulted in a regenerating native dominated river bank and keeps nutrients (cow poo) on paddocks, not in the river.


Farmer Penny Laskey, ABC reporter Meg Powell and Landcare Tas's Peter Stronach inspect the next project to repair this Wet White Gum forest and re-establish the understorey in this patch.


Wet White Gum Forest (Eucalyptus viminalis) is now nationally listed as Critically Endangered. Local Landcarers have focused their efforts on protecting and repairing large stands of this forest in the Leven Catchment.




Astacopsis gouldi (Giant Freshwater Crayfish) carcass found on the stream bank during our assessment.


Revegetation included seedlings of White Gum (E.vinimalis) and String Bark (E.obliqua) which have struggled with natural regeneration due mainly to the dominant competitive pasture grasses (3 years old).


If you would like to apply for a landscape restoration grant for your project applications are now open for the Landcare Action Grants open round, find out more