Seed Resilience Project Starting Strong

26th September 2023 |

In a significant stride toward bolstering Tasmania's native seed resilience, Landcare Tasmania recently hosted the Seed Resilience and Community Seed Bank Meeting.  This forms part of our Seed Resilience Project supported by the Tasmanian Government.

We were joined by panellists James Wood (Royal Botainical Gardens Tasmania), Dan Frost (Seeding Victoria), Ruth Mollison (Island Seeds) and Sally & Herbert Staubmann (Habitat Plants) who shared their expertise and experiences with the Landcare community. This meeting was a great start to the discussion on how to move forward with seed resilience in Tasmania, with several options raised as to the future of native seed supply.

The possibility of a Tasmanian native seed bank was addressed in detail.  Climate change and the importance of provenance came up as important factors to consider in seed collection for revegetation projects, as well as the need for collectors to have training.  If you missed the meeting, don't fret, you can watch the recording below. 

Watch the recording here 

Image: Seed collection workshop in 2022. Photo by Yasmin Mund

Project Context

Over the past three years, Landcare Tasmania has held 10 very popular seed collection and propagation workshops across the state. These workshops contribute to our Seed Resilience Project, aiming to build capacity within local communities to grow and share native seed to meet the demand of revegetation projects in Tasmania.

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Do you collect native seeds? Join our new Native Seed Collectors Network (Tasmania) Facebook group

Our next step in this project is creating a network of people who are involved and skilled in the collection, storage and distribution of native seed.  We started this Facebook group as a network of people across Tasmania who are involved and skilled in the collection, storage and distribution of native seed to meet the demand of revegetation projects in Tasmania

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Your insights matter! The aim of this survey is to identify trends, issues and opportunities in the seed collection of native seed in Tasmania. The information collected from this survey will be used to inform a report on the state of native seed in Tasmania.

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This project is part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach programs supported by the Tasmanian Government's Landcare Action Grants.