Strahan Ecological Restoration Workshop

28th October 2023 |

This month, in sunny Strahan we held an excellent workshop on ecological restoration with Todd Dudley.

Our guest presenter was restoration expert Todd Dudley, who shared his practical knowledge on a range of topics including restoring land after plantation, use of fire for propagating native seed, erosion prevention methods, browsing protection, the importance of follow-up work and many others. These are all valuable skills to assist community members to undertake their own restoration projects.

The workshop included a visit to a nearby Landcare Tasmania project site in the Swan Basin area, where we looked at the ongoing restoration works involving pine wildling and invasive weed removal from the native forest areas. This creates space and helps light to trigger native seed, previously impeded by the heavily shading pine trees. 

Seeing the immediate change in the landscape was inspiring and we hope people feel more equipped to restore or improve the natural values on their patch.

Image: Roadside before (L) and after (R)

You can find more information and resources here..


This workshop is part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach program, bringing together Landcare members working on common issues to create a long-term benefit at a landscape scale.

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It is supported by Landcare Australia and Sustainable Timber Tasmania with funding from Manheim Cox Automotive.