The Dirty Hands - November 2023

6th December 2023 | 

Welcome to the November edition of The Dirty Hands. Learn about ecological restoration, river weeds, aboriginal land management and natural capital accounting as we re-cap some of the great workshops held this month.  We had some fun at the Huon Small Farms expo too!


Our new group spotlight introduces Wildwood Landcare group who are taking care of a special patch called 'Wildwood', home to bandicoots, frogs, quolls and more... 

Keep reading for upcoming events, agriculture and threatened species discussion papers for review, and an epic native plant sale in Glenorchy. 

Oh- and the Landcare Tasmania shop as everything you need for the giving season!

Read on for more! 

Workshop: Ecological Restoration in Strahan 

This month, in sunny Strahan we held an excellent workshop on ecological restoration with restoration specialist Todd Dudley.

Todd shared his practical knowledge on restoring land after plantation, use of fire for propagating native seed, erosion prevention methods, browsing protection, the importance of follow-up work and more. These are all valuable skills to assist community members to undertake their own restoration projects.

The workshop included a visit to a nearby Landcare Tasmania project site in the Swan Basin area, where we looked at the ongoing restoration works involving pine wildling and invasive weed removal from the native forest areas. This creates space and helps light to trigger native seed, previously impeded by the heavily shading pine trees.

Seeing the immediate change in the landscape was inspiring and we hope people feel more equipped to restore or improve the natural values on their patch.

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River Weeds Survey

On the 28th October we led a River Weeds Survey with local groups focusing on the Grey willow in the North West Bay River Catchment.  Grey willow is one of the most invasive willow species due to it's ability to produce vast amounts of seed. 

We learnt how to log location data, poison willows and the required permits, and went on a lovely walk up the river to map willows in the area. 

We also gave an overview of the North West Bay River Catchment Management and Action Plan.

This workshop is part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach programs funded by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants Round 6, delivered with support from Kingborough Council.

On Country with SETAC

Getting out onto Country is the best way to learn from it. Be part of Country before you burn.

Last Saturday, local Landcarers spent the afternoon at Murrayfield Station on Bruny Island (Lunawanna-allonah) learning about how the South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation (SETAC) land management team use fire and other techniques to keep Country healthy.

Read the blog for some of the key takeaways from this important workshop and some further resources, too.  

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Fun at the Huon Show!

We enjoyed being part of the Small Farms Expo at the Huon Show in the 18th of November.  We shared our stall with NRM superstar Michelle Joy, and Andy from Parks.  It was a great day chatting to people wanting to maintain productive and sustainable land - there were many people interested in help tackling weeds, and we may have a new Landcare group in the works! 

Natural Capital Accounting Day

This month, we got together with farmers and interested landcarers in Campbell Town to learn the basics of environmental accounting.

We learnt how ways of measuring natural assets and how to set up a natural capital account - and lots more. Read the blog for all the details and more resources on Natural Capital Accounting and the Natural Capital Accounting Benchmarking project (NCA) run by Accounting for Nature Ltd and Landcare Farming.

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NEW Member Spotlight: Wildwood Landcare Group

Within the Deloraine town boundaries, lies an exquisite 14-acre area known as the Wildwood, home to native animals including pademelons, possums, snakes, frogs, quolls, rakali and bandicoots, large trees, both native and introduced, and at least fifteen species of birds...

A former nineteenth century picnic ground, the Wildwood has been left somewhat neglected for the last fifty years, resulting in the encroachment of invasive weeds, erosion of the walking track and rubbish accumulation.

The Wildwood Landcare Group was formed in August 2023, with the objective

“to improve the physical landscape, encourage wildlife habitat, and foster community involvement on the land known as the Wildwood”.

Read more below to find out about the Wildwood group masterplan, first working bee, and a call for advice on controlling invasive sycamore and willow species.

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Upcoming Events

Navigating Carbon and Biodiversity Markets - Huonville

When: 25th November 12:30pm-4:30pm

Where: Huonville Town Hall

Join us in Huonville to explore the co-benefits, barriers and common questions about emerging carbon and biodiversity markets. Experts in the field will be giving 20-30min presentations. We will also hear from two Tasmanian case studies about their on-ground experience navigating these markets.


More Info + Registration

Image: 'Florentine Vale' by Liam Oakwood

Featured Photo: Florentine Vale

"A patch of old growth forest in the Florentine Valley beneath Mount Field. These tall trees are critical habitat for a range of species."


Got an interesting landcare snap to share? Send to [email protected] 


Image courtesy of Brand Tasmania

Discussion Papers for Review

Agriculture and Land Sectorial Plan

Australia’s agriculture and land sectors are already feeling the effects of climate change.

The Australian Government is developing a net zero plan, to outline how we can transition our economy by 2050. Six sectoral plans will support this work, including one for the agriculture and land sectors.

Agriculture and the land will have an important role to play in helping Australia to transition to a net zero economy.

Feedback is open until AEDT 5pm, Wednesday 13 December 2023.

Read the discussion paper and have your say here. 


Threatened Species Strategy

NRE Tas encourages you to have your say on how Tasmania can protect, recover, and value our threatened species now and into the future.

Opportunity for feedback on this first stage is open for public consultation until 5pm, Friday 22 December 2023. 

Read the discussion paper and have your say here.

Native plants grown for the community by the community

A range of unique Tasmanian native plants grown by dedicated volunteers will be available for gardeners and landowners to buy this December.

On Saturday 2 December, volunteers at the Understorey Network Nursery at Tolosa Park, Glenorchy will be on hand to assist gardeners and landowners who wish to purchase native plants for their properties.

Understorey Network President Ruth Mollison said Tasmanian native plants are in demand as concern for the environment grows in local communities.

“This is a great opportunity to select from the diverse range of shrubs, trees, groundcovers and grasses propagated by nursery volunteers,” Ruth said.

“Our dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers can also provide advice about species selection, site suitability and planting methods.”

Find out more

More News

Biosecurity Strategy 2023-2027.  Biosecurity Tasmania is excited to announce the release of the Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2023-2027. The strategy has been developed following a round of public consultation in late-2022, with the review process guided by the Biosecurity Advisory Council (as appointed under the Biosecurity Act 2019).

You can find more information and view the Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2023-2027 at

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