Wildlife Workshop in Strahan

24th May 2023 |

Last Saturday, on May 20th, Landcare Tasmania and Tasmanian Land Conservancy joined forces to host a very popular and well-received workshop in Strahan. The workshop was a response to the community's keen interest in learning about environmental weeds and our precious Tasmanian native flora and fauna.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics, ensuring that attendees gained valuable knowledge and skills that they could take back to their local patch. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to identify local weeds, discover effective techniques for weed control, and explore Tas Land Conservancy's Land For Wildlife program. Identifying native plants and creating suitable habitats for native animals were also important subjects discussed during the workshop. Additionally, participants were introduced to the Wild Tracker app and trail camera monitoring for wildlife observation.

Image: Weed expert Sharon Young. Photo thanks to Tas Land Conservancy

In the morning session, the attendees had the privilege of learning from Sharon Young, an esteemed Environmental Weed Consultant. Using examples collected from the local area, Sharon demonstrated various methods for identifying weeds and shared insights into effective weed control. The audience was also treated to inspiring stories from local groups who have taken charge of weed management in their local areas.

Image: Ecologist Anna Povey. Photo thanks to Tas Land Conservancy

Following a satisfying lunch, the focus shifted entirely to native species. Ecologists Anna Povey and Glen Bain from Tas Land Conservancy led an engaging session. The participants embarked on a leisurely walk along the breathtaking Hogarth Falls walking track, where they had the opportunity to identify nearby native plants. Anna enlightened the group about TLC's Land For Wildlife conservation program, emphasizing how individuals can transform their properties into safe havens for native animals. Glen, on the other hand, captivated the audience with a demonstration of the new WildTracker app, shedding light on the exciting opportunities for citizen science participation.

Image: Taking a closer look... Photo thanks to Tas Land Conservancy

Overall, the workshop was a tremendous success, leaving participants equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to combat environmental weeds effectively. It also fostered a deep appreciation for our native flora and fauna, highlighting the importance of creating and preserving suitable habitats for the precious wildlife of Tasmania. The collaboration between Landcare Tasmanian and Tasmanian Land Conservancy proved to be a powerful force in promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts in Strahan and beyond.

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This workshop is part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach program in conjunction with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy and is supported by Manheim Cox Automotive.