Selby Landcare Group

I am fortunate enough to own a small rural pocket of land on the coast in one of the State's most beautiful and sensitive areas. It is land that has been under family care for over 60 years. I feel that it is my responsibility to maintain and where needed re-invigorate it.

There has been significant work already carried out as a starting point to eradicate blackberries and a variety of other non-native species such as Spanish broom and radiata pine. I would like to continue with this work not limited to but particularly related to  blackberry in order to remove established, and identified early establishing, wide spread infestation.

I am also aiming to continue with the removal of extensive established Poplar tree infestation which have suckered to dominate large areas of grassland and grow amongst native species which they are likely to outcompete. A significant amount of time and effort has already been spent tackling this issue as a starting point but more work is required to try and successfully complete it then rehabilitate the area afterwards.

There are a number of areas where the above weed species have dominated the lands use and their removal and control will be an important step to returning the property to it's most functional, supporting reintroduction and strong establishment of natives and also prevent spread of unwanted species. The land currently supports single standing and pockets of close cluster native vegetation consisting of older aged established and self established Eucalypt varieties and various smaller natives. It would be my aim to interplant some existing Eucalypt stands with other native varieties to increase biodiversity. I would also like to support new naturally established self seeded species and in appropriate areas add some additional native stands if possible.

I have also watched over the years, the degradation of areas throughout the state and how changing attitudes and increased pressures have caused declines in land quality, natural beauty and diversity.

I would like to contribute to helping others to maintain and restore areas both locally state wide where possible. I am hoping that Landcare can provide opportunity to access expertise and insight to opportunities to contribute elsewhere.

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Name: Mick
Mobile phone: C/O Landcare Tasmania - 6234 7117
Email: C/O Landcare Tasmania - [email protected]