Kids help plant 1,000 trees

Kids participating in a World Challenge program helped us plant 1,000 trees in two days to support our Meander Valley Catchment Project

Image: The stunning Landscape, and enormous number of trees planted by the students. Photo © Jakob Sprickerhof

The weekend's planting event was with 13 students from 11th and 12th grade and 2 teachers from Harristown State High School, Toowoomba QLD, who are currently visiting Tasmania.

Image: Here come the students! Photo © Jakob Sprickerhof

The students are participating in a program run by World Challenge, a company that organises challenging experiences for students around the world. Because of COVID the group could not travel outside of Australia and came to Tasmania instead.

They first completed the Overland Track (!), and then came to help us plant some trees for our Meander Valley Project. 

Images: Hands = dirty. Photo © Sasha Lev 

Over just two days the kids helped plant a whopping 1000 trees. The work was very demanding, as the planting site was on a steep hill and every spot needed to be prepared manually. 

Image: Jakob from Landcare Tasmania demonstrating techniques, Photo © Sasha Lev  

We also had a couple of local volunteers from Landcare Tasmania groups come and help.  We had some little helpers, too! 

Image: Hi five? Mmm... no thanks! © Sasha Lev 

Image: Two hard-workers! Well... © Sasha Lev 

Image: Newly planted trees need a hug.  © Sasha Lev 

We were very happy to have the hardworking efforts of the students and everyone else who came along, helping contribute to the Meander Valley Catchment Project. 

Image: Accomplished planters! © Sasha Lev 

Image: Beautiful beginnings. © Sasha Lev  

This project allows Landcare Tasmania to work with 13 landholders in the Meander Valley to plant nearly 11,000 plants. The Meander project will help fight erosion on creeks, contribute to biodiversity conservation, and provide shelterbelts in production areas that will benefit stock, pastures and soils. 

Image: A big thankyou to Habitat Plants for supplying the goods. © Sasha Lev 

The planting was supported by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants as well as donations from the ANZCA and the Ecological Society of Australia. 

Image: And most importantly, we did it all with a smile! © Sasha Lev 

Thank big you to everyone who came along and made this event possible. 

The Meander Valley Catchment Project was launched with the Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Guy Barnett in September last year.  The project is supported by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants, Landcare Tasmania's Tasmanian Landcare Fund and the JM Roberts TrustHabitat Plants are providing substantial technical and nursery support for this project and Waratah Wholesale with discounted support for revegetation supplies.