Wildcare Friends of the Henty

We are a group of Strahan residents that tackle environmental issues in Ocean Beach Conservation Area to help sustain the area’s natural and recreational values. Presently we meet once a month to do some weeding or surveying of weeds and native plants in the Conservation Area. The conservation area contains Tasmania’s longest beach, at least 5 threatened native vegetation communities, has an endemic subspecies of manna gum, and contains a community of the endangered Northern Leek Orchid. The area provides important habitat for threatened beach-nesting birds, shearwaters, and the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot.

Regular Events:
Multi day working bees twice a year, Autumn and Spring.

Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Luke Cooper
Mobile phone: 0459325614
Email: [email protected]

Upcoming events