Lauderdale Coast Care

We started the group around 1992 or 1993 - we were the 3rd group to start up under Clarence City Council. In the beginning our main focus was on the main beach, fencing, planting, weeding, rubbish removal and education. We still take an active interest in the dune, currently TASMARC, education and planting both for sand retention and fire breaks. We spread out and have completed plantings in the 3 parks behind the dunes and canal area.

Today the group is led by Michael and Susanne as founding members, with locals who come and go, plus a strong link with the local Scout Group. We are putting in a lot of energy to grow our group within the local community. They want to start working to upgrade the Canal area. The Skate Park at the end to South Terrace was built with a Coast Care Grant, we worked with the local youth to give them somewhere to play instead of building ramps and caves in the dunes. With council and local church support we were able to provide an alternative and have had no further building of these structures in the dunes.


- Roscommon: this has been a major project. Starting around 2000 we planted all the reed beds along the water course, and large trees. We are now planting an understorey. Plants are chosen to provide food sources for birds and to provide safe habitat from dogs and cats. We are using spiky natives as barriers to keep people and dogs out of some areas.

- Racecourse Flat and Sea Grass beds: currently (2020) having input into this area's master plan, and we have committed to help with planting and education.

- Schools: Michael and I have developed a hands on session that teaches Kindergarten - Primary age students dune erosion and how to plant a plant, we have run these session for schools from Bellerive to South Arm.

Working Bees: these are advertised locally, usually have around 30 plus attend.

- Litter pick ups: 2 -3 dependant on need, few years ago had 8 in 12 weeks. Particular focus on Ralphs Bay

- Larger planting: 1-2 in Autumn, currently waiting on rain before we do our next planting of around 600 plants.

- Education Sessions: 1-4


Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Susanne Hovignton
Mobile phone: 0419 534 166
Email: [email protected]