Andrew Doube


Dung Beetle Kids: Students Contributing to Tasmanian Environmental Health

Introduced dung beetles bring many gifts.
-increase soil health and nutrient levels,
-increase water infiltration, reducing run off and stream pollution,
-control livestock parasites, reducing the need to control with chemicals.

But in most of Tasmania we have no spring active dung beetles! For nearly 6 months of the year we are missing out on all these benefits!
More species of dung beetles are being introduced to Australia. There are beetles coming that are likely to thrive in Tasmania during late winter and early spring.

At Clarendon Vale Primary School we have been breading dung beetles in tents, learning to grow a small number of beetles into a colony big enough to establish itself. We are developing the skills and know how to be part of the introduction and distribution of the coming new beetles. While learning about mini-beasts, students can make a contribution to improvements in landscape health!



How to face the changing climate – express your personal views.

The changing climate effects all of us and plays on all of our minds to some degree.
We all have ideas, feelings and observations about this, and what it means for our communities and landscape.
This workshop is a facilitated opportunity to learn from, and share with, fellow land-carers about this important issue.
Talking things through with committed caring peers can be a relief as well as opening up new perspectives, opportunities, collaborations and directions!