Bellerive Coastal Walk - 25th Anniversary Conference Field Trip

The Bellerive Coastal Walk showcased the amazing work of local coastal restoration groups. 

The Bellerive Coastal walk showcased the amazing work of local coastal restoration groups - Rosny Montagu Bay Landcare and Coastcare and Bellerive Bluff Land & Coastcare Group. We got to hear stories about wins and losses from 25+ years of caring for this coast.
Field trippers enjoyed a talk by Caleb Pedder on the still visible evidence of Aboriginal occupation that are contained along the Derwent shore.  Calab highlighted the evidence of Aboriginal ownership and management of the environment. The middens and artefacts along the banks of the Derwent tell a long and rich story about Aboriginal use and management of this country -each Aboriginal site is a link to ancestors and country. A very informative session!
Thanks to all the groups for showing off their hard work and sharing landcaring knowledge.