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23rd June 2022 |

With a growing membership - and growing environmental challenges - our services need to grow too.  If you are able to donate, now is the time!

Image: Wynyard Landcare 

The number of Landcare Groups and Individual Members has nearly DOUBLED since 2016 to over 100 Individual members and over 300 Landcare groups representing over 6,000 volunteers. We are delighted!

But we need help to support this growth. 

Will you donate to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund?

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. Get in before 30th June!



We know that community Landcare is important to you  - and our future

Image: A Landcare Planting day 2021, © Sasha Lev

At this time, community Landcare is critically important.  We understand the urgent issues of land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change and this urgency has led to a huge surge in grassroots community Landcare.

Your generosity will help over 6,000 Tasmanians get access to the tools, guidance, and funds needed to restore the health of our land and waterways, to keep their Landcare groups running, and to start new ones.

Your gift is an investment

Image: UTAS Landcare Society and Gorse Be Gone

The time and personal resources contributed by thousands of volunteers adds value to every dollar donated.

Your donations help us raise the voice of community Landcare, attracting funding partnerships and collaborations to add even more value to your dollar.

Our overheads are lean - we employ the equivalent of 4.4 staff for the whole state.

Importantly, all funds raised stay in Tasmania.

Find out more about the Tasmanian Landcare Fund here.

Why support Landcare Tasmania?

Landcare Tasmania is the only state-wide Environmental Organisation in Tasmania dedicated to supporting community-led Landcare. 

Since 1994 we've provided services that our members say they could not do without – we make running a volunteer group easier – we handle the insurance, help with volunteer recruitment, advertising, media exposure, and some basic annual funds. We provide grants for individual, group, and landscape-scale projects. We connect people to our network at workshops and conferences to join forces, share knowledge, and tackle environmental problems together – in bushland, coasts, farms, and in schools. Read more about our programs here.

Our services are essential:

 "We wouldn’t be functioning without Landcare Tasmania.  I would not have been able to do 24 penguins in one season! Other carers try to do it without support, and they just collapse. Being part of Landcare Tasmania means that we can do an awful, awful lot more.”

Kathy Grieveson Penguin Rehab & Release, and Cooee-Camdale Coastcare


"Landcare Tasmania have been the inspiration behind the decade of our Huon Island restoration, through financial, personal and professional support; freely given and always sound… They give the sense that there is a body out there that is ready to help you do what is critically important.”

-Michael Foley, Friends of Huon Island

Projects are waiting:

Our Project Bank has over 200 projects needing further support.

Why is community Landcare important?

Locals are invested in their land and local reserves for their own quality of life and livelihood, and are best placed to care for local landscapes in the long-term.  Action comes from the ground up, from people who don't want to wait for top-down change. They see the erosion or degraded soils on their property first-hand. They are often the first to notice encroaching weeds, dying trees, or that certain birds or animals are no longer abundant. When you realise that you’re not the only one tackling the same environmental problem, you can pool resources, lend a hand, make a difference and make a friend. It’s even been shown that community Landcare is good for your wellbeing. 


"Why do I do it? Because if we don't... we're going to bugger the planet right up." 

- Graeme Stevenson, 2020 Tasmania Senior Australian of the Year, longtime Landcarer and all-round legend


"Landcare Tasmania’s existence makes all the difference in not getting overwhelmed and despondent and really gives us that incentive to keep going on something that seems almost like unsurmountable odds. We are reminded that we are part of something bigger, part of a tribe. This recognition, consistency of support, and connection to the whole community is why I battle on."

- Quentin Smith, Seymour Community Action Group Inc.


"Landcare Tasmania have helped us by being a connector between groups, individuals and organisations in the local community so that we may join forces and seek and share resources. We participated in the seed saving and propagation workshop, which has allowed us to start growing our own native tubestock which is an important part of our gorse removal and rehabilitation strategy.”

- Lauren Carroll, Gorse be Gone



Our Impact:

  • Over $600K in Tasmanian Landcare Fund grants to member projects since 2004
  • 311 member groups supported around Tasmania (nearly doubled since 2016) 
  • Over 107,000 hours contributed by volunteers in 2021
  • Over 700 people empowered during one of our outreach events in 2021-22
  • Over 100 member projects at least partially funded since 2019. Funded through the Tasmanian Landcare Fund, state Landcare Action Grants, and the federal Communties Environment Program, with support from our partner businesses providing trees and discounted materials.


Thank you for your generosity

You know how valuable Landcare is.  We invite you to help us support, empower and unite this diverse and growing community of Landcarers who are are out there, on the ground, working tirelessly to care for our land and waterways every day. We endeavour to care for our land and waterways for generations to come.

Help us grow. Donate today. 


Any gift over $2 is tax deductible.  We know that many hands make light work, and in the same way any contribution you make WILL help community Landcare in Tasmania to grow and prosper.