Middens talk, coastal repair & management

 Walk through the amazing work of local coastal restoration groups in Bellerive and hear stories about wins and losses from 25+ years of caring for this coast. 

  • Registration at Blundstone Arena from 8.45am
  • Departing Blundstone Arena by bus to starting point at 9.15am
  • Rosny Montagu Bay Landcare and Coastcare Group, talk with John Counsell. 
  • Talk by Caleb Pedder on middens and places of socialisation:
    The Derwent shore as it passes nipaluna (Hobart) contains many locations where evidence of Aboriginal occupation is still visible. These places indicate many thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation, ownership and management of this environment. The middens and artefacts along the banks of the Derwent tell a long and rich story about Aboriginal use and management of this country.
    Each Aboriginal site is a link to ancestors and country.
  • Bellerive Bluff - showing re-vegetation, access paths and steps. Talk with Graeme Rainbow
    Bellerive Bluff Land & Coastcare Group Inc. held its first working bee in January, 2001.  It was formed to address to the degradation, under-development and under-utilization of a 2-3 km section of the Derwent Estuary foreshore.  Over the past 19 years, this group, with the assistance of Clarence Council and several other groups (including school groups) has been able to effect extraordinary changes.  Unwanted vegetation removed, thousands of native species planted,  - pathways, fences, stairways, dry-stone walls, sediment ponds and water courses constructed – seating established.  In each of the past several years excess of 50 working bees have been conducted.
    As a consequence of improvements, the usage of the area by pedestrians and cyclists (both locals and from beyond) has increased ‘gi-normously’.  The improvements have facilitated and attracted this greater usage.
  • Picnic Lunch provided 

Please remember to bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Walking shoes
  • (optional) binoculars if you are interested in spotting some birds along the way

Walking between areas, 2 hours.
2 hours for talks and lunch. 9.15am – 1.30pm. Approximately 4 hours total.

Midden at Primrose Sands