Clarendon Vale Dung Beetle Project Update

We are pleased to share with you an update from Andrew Doube at Clarendon Vale Primary School on their TLF-funded Dung Beetle Breeding Project.


The student dung beetle team recently pulled some of the larvae up from where they are developing underground up to see how they are going. It turns out they have been growing like anything over the summer!

Have a look at the difference in larvae size from November 2018 to February 2019.


Next, the larvae will go through metamorphosis into beetle form, and then dig themselves out after the first big winter rains to mate and get busy burrying some dung for us. With any luck when they emerge we will have a thousand or more to boost the population we released at Levendale in Sourthern Tasmania at the begining of winter last year! If they become established there it means more fertility down deep in the soil, less water runing off the surface, and more pasture growth.
For more in-depth info on how Dung Beetles improve soil, read our original post about the project HERE.
Thanks Dung Beetles!!!