David Holmgren


Permaculture: Tasmanian origins of a world wide movement of ecological restoration


Permaculture is a world wide movement across rich and poor countries networking designers, teachers, practitioners and activists working in urban, rural and remote contexts to design, generate and restore sustainable human habitats using natures design rules.

David Holmgren, co-originator of the concept will speak about the Tasmanian origins of permaculture as part of the first of several waves of modern environmentalism and its connection to other threads of environmentalism including organic farming, green politics, indigenous cultural revival and landcare.

In the process David will use the permaculture aphorism "The Problem Is The Solution" to reflect on how novel ecosystems can contribute to a broader view of Ecological Restoration in the context of the Anthropocene to enliven our shared sense of how Nature is our ally rather than enemy in times of challenge and change.

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