Field Trip to East Tamar

The East Tamar field trip was an amazing mix showcasing on ground learning about sustainable agriculture in practice in Pipers Brook at Greenside. Riparian repair for habitat expansion of the Giant Freshwater Crayfish in Lilydale, a biodiversity-proactive winery helping champion habitat protection and restoration (and yummy sparkling) at Jansz; rounded off with a deep dive into what Tasmanian's plastic recycle plant is doing to recover and create great products with recycled plastics at Envorinex.

The East Tamar field trip began with a visit to Summerlea Farm near Lilydale where plating has been undertaken to protect Giant Freshwater Crayfish habitat along the river. Lauren from NRM North spoke to us about Giant Freshwater Crayfish and the work that NRM North is doing with landowners in the area to protect the species.

Image: Lauren from NRM North © Kat Traill 

Image: Lauren with crayfish!© Kat Traill 

Next we visited Greenside, the property of the Baxter family, who shared with us the sustainable agriculture projects and principles they are implementing on their farm. Will even treated us to a farm tour by drone and gave us an insight into how they use technology to run their farm more efficiently and sustainably.

Image: © Kat Traill 

Image: © Kat Traill 

We particularly liked Will's no-nonsense approach to biochar making and were impressed with the ingenuity of some of the farm equipment he has built or adapted himself. Brian and Jenny spoke of the work they have done over the years as key members of East Tamar Landcare. 

Image: © Kat Traill 

We concluded the visit to their farm with a walk along the boardwalk the group has built along Pipers River.

Images: © Kat Traill 

Next stop was lunch at Jansz Winery where we were treated to a wine tasting and enjoyed our packed lunches in picturesque surroundings.

Image: The generous Janz winery © Kat Traill 

Image: Enjoying lunch in the sun! © Kat Traill 


The final stop was Environex, where Jenny talked us through the products they create from waste plastic, and the challenges they face in sourcing materials at scale that are suitable for recycling. This sparked a spirited group discussion with everyone in the room wanting to know how we could help tackle the problem of plastic waste. 

Images: Transforming plastic waste at Environex © Kat Traill 

A big thanks to NRM North, Greenside Farm, Janz vineyard, Environex and all who made this special trip a success! 

Overall it was a fabulous day with lots of learning and connections formed between group participants. Some of the most valuable insights perhaps came from conversations on the bus and it was great for Landcarers working across different areas to come together and share knowledge and ideas.

Images: The riverwalk © Kat Traill