Future Proofing Landcare in Tasmania - Landcare on the election agenda

15th March 2024 | 

Supporting Landcare in Tasmania has been a topic of the 2024 State election. We have advocated hard for all the Landcarers across Tasmania to be considered and recognised by political parties as an essential part of our community. For the first time in a long time, Landcare is part of State Environment and Agricultural policy pledges by major parties and prominent independents.

Landcare Tasmania's members, contributing an impressive 127,000 volunteer hours last year, equivalent to approximately $5 million in volunteer labor, play a pivotal role in addressing the multifaceted challenges facing Tasmania.

Landcare Tasmania represents over 6,500 volunteers statewide. Image: Friends of Bass Strait Islands

As the state peak body, we put forward a package to Future Proof Landcare in Tasmania. Our needs to support the movement were outlined in a strategic state government investment package ask of $7.1 million over five years (2024 to 2029) to stabilise and enable Landcare Tasmania to provide essential services and support.

We believe these investments are crucial for reversing biodiversity decline, improving food and fibre production, protecting natural areas and involving the community in Landcare for greater collective health and resilience. We emphasised the need for sustained state government support to address these challenges.

Landcarers address complex challenges across a range of land use types. Photo by Nick Hanson

We have identified key areas requiring attention and have called on politicians to articulate their level of support in a recommendations table.

“Tasmania grapples with a range of complex challenges, and the Landcare movement offers a practical, community-based solution. Participation in Landcare strengthens social connectedness and resilience, which is so important for the challenges ahead,” said Landcare Tasmania’s CEO Peter Stronach.

Habitat connectivity planting in Pages Creek last year. Delivered in partnership with ZooDoo Zoo, funded by the Landcare Action Grants. Photo by Cynthia Schaap.

“The community Landcare movement actively collaborates with all levels of government, not for profits and the corporate sector, addressing problems like weeds, pests, litter, and habitat restoration, which are often too costly for Government and private landholders to tackle alone” said Mr Stronach.

Since opening dialogue with politicians, we have received commitments from the Greens Party, the Liberal Party, and the Labor Party, as well as positive responses from the Jacqui Lambie network and a number of independent candidates.

"We are seeing growing interest in Landcare funding as an important election agenda. We're pleased to engage with candidates, ensuring our supporters and members know where parties stand on this vital issue for our future," said Mr Stronach.

Where the parties stand

Know your candidates views

We know your candidates and their campaigners are out door knocking and making appearances. You can add your voice to keep Landcare on their mind simply by mentioning that Landcare is important to you.

You can also let them know that you support Landcare Tasmania’s budget asks (see table below).  

Detailed breakdown of party funding commitments 

Total Package: $7.1 million of State Government investment over five years (2024 to 2029)

Landcare Tasmania's Budget Recommendations




Strong Foundations
$210,000 p.a. for Core Funding to allow Landcare Tasmania to maintain its core functions as a peak body.
$15,000 p.a. towards the Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference and Awards
  • $210,000 p.a. Core Funding
  • $15,000 p.a. Conference
  • $210,000 p.a. Core Funding
  • $15,000 p.a. Conference
  • $155,000 p.a. Core Funding
  • $15,000 p.a. Conference
Landcare Assistance Program
$55,000 p.a. for Landcare Assistance Program - Insurance, providing Volunteer and Public Liability Insurance for Landcare groups.
$35,000 p.a. for Landcare Assistance Program - Quick Response Grant.
  • $55,000 p.a. LAP Insurance
  • $35,000 p.a. LAP Quick Response Grant
  • $55,000 p.a. LAP Insurance
  • $35,000 p.a. LAP Quick Response Grant
  • $50,000 p.a. LAP Insurance
  • $35,000 p.a. LAP Quick Response Grant
Landcare Community Support Program
$385,000 p.a. for Landcare Community Support Services to support our ability to strengthen and connect the community to Landcare networks with expertise and resources
  • $385,000 p.a. Community Support Program
X $66,000 p.a. Community Support Program
Landcare Impact Framework
$215,000 p.a. to provide an easily adopted method of monitoring the impact of local on-ground projects
  • $215,000 p.a. Landcare Impact Framework
Landcare Action Grants
● $500,000 p.a. to extend the Landcare Action Grants
  • $500,000 p.a. Landcare Action Grants extension
  • $350,000 p.a. Landcare Action Grants extension
  • $300,000 p.a. Landcare Action Grants extension
Amount Per Year $1.415 million $665,000 $621,666
Years Committed 5 years 2 years 3 years
Total $7.1 million $1.33 million $1.865 million


For further information or to arrange a meeting, contact Peter Stronach at (03) 6234 7117 or [email protected]