Graeme Stevenson - living Landcare treasure

We've all met them. People whose enthusiasm and passion for something is infectious.

Dr Graeme Stevenson, poologist extraordinaire, is one of them. Graeme was one of only three finalists for the 2018 Bob Hawke Landcare Award, in recognition of several decades promoting healthy soils in Tasmania, in particular the key role of dung beetles, earthworms and, well, poo.

Watch the video of Graeme below.

Video: Landcare Australia

Graeme Stevenson comes from Somerset in north west Tasmania. He has 55 years of agricultural experience running his family farm as a farm labourer and manager, through his tertiary agricultural education, dairy extension and research, as an agricultural consultant and rural journalist. He has worked with Tasmanian dung beetles and agricultural earthworms in soil management since 1988. Graeme has been a volunteer with the Elliott and Wynyard Landcare groups since 1993, as well as Somerset and Camdale Coastcare, Burnie Farmers Market and Tasmanian Organic groups. He has initiated and managed 27 Landcare/organic farming projects attracting $1.4m in grants majoring in on-ground works. Under the pseudonym of Dr Spluttergrunt, Graeme has acted out his ‘soil care’ presentation to over 60 schools. He has  20 years of applied research into organic and biological agriculture as sustainable farming.