Huon/Channel Catchment Restoration Project

Increasing the health and resilience of the waterways in the North West Bay River Catchment and Huon Valley Catchments in Southern Tasmania. 

Landcare Tasmania will deliver activities that are part of the State Government’s Landcare Action Grants Round 6 to increase the health and resilience of the waterways in the North West Bay River
Catchment and Huon Valley Catchments in Southern Tasmania through targeted on-ground works and community training and capacity building workshops.

The objectives of this project include: 

  • Revegetation
  • Weed Control
  • Riparian Restoration
  • Feral Cat Awareness
  • Seed Resilience
  • Engaging Communities
  • Supporting Landcare Tasmania members 
  • Consulting with members of the palawa/pakana community in project planning and delivery 
  • Capacity Building 

This project also aims to increase community participation and capacity through workshops and training. These events will address:

  • Feral cat management
  • First Nations’ knowledge sharing and cultural awareness
  • Seed propagation and collection
  • Fauna monitoring and surveying
  • Weed identification and surveying
  • Carbon farming and environmental markets

The projects have been developed to address objectives for land and river management identified in the following documents:

  • Huon Valley Weed Management Strategy 2018-2023 (Huon Valley Council) (2018)
  • North West Bay River Catchment Management and Action Plan (2021)
  • North West Bay River Assessment (Kingborough Council, 2001)
  • Mountain River Catchment Rivercare Action Plan (2003)

Key partners and delivery sponsors:

  • Huon Valley Council
  • Kingborough Council
  • NRM South
  • South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation (SETAC)
  • Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS)


Community Events 

Cultural Burning Walk & Talk - Cradoc, 5 April 

Seed Collection & Propagation Workshop - Mountain River, 22 April 

Weed ID Workshop - Woodbridge Hall

Weed ID Workshop - Cygnet 

Weed ID Workshop - Geeveston 


On-ground projects 

She Oaks Hills Landcare - Feral Cat Monitoring and Trap Dispatch 

Kingborough Council - Crack Willow surveying North West Bay River

Susie Haley Family Landcare Group -Riparian Restoration & Willow Control Wilcox Creek

Silver Hill Landcare Group - Creek restoration and habitat corridor creation

Allens Rivulet and Sandfly Landcare Group - Group capacity building through funding materials 


If you have any questions about the Landcare Action Grants Round 6 - Huon/Channel Catchment Restoration Project, get in touch with us on (03) 6234 7117 or [email protected]

This project is part of our Landscape Restoration & Community Outreach Programs, which aims to bring together several members working on common issues, to gain a greater long-term benefit at a landscape scale. Funded by the Tasmanian State Government's Landcare Action Grants.    


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