Know Your Local Patch School Holiday Program a Hit!

26th July 2023 |

With a changing world, it has become increasingly vital to reconnect the younger generation with nature. Understanding the importance of this bond, our "Know Your Local Patch" program was recently launched with the aim of fostering a love for the environment among children. Let's take a look back at some of the exciting workshops held as part of this program and discover how they successfully brought children closer to the wonders of the natural world.

A big thanks to Landcare Tasmania's Education Officer Angela Reiher for delivering these workshops. 

1. Hobart Rivulet: Platypus Adventure

Next to the rushing water of the Hobart Rivulet a group of more than 40 young people gathered to learn about their local patch where the platypus lives. Guided by Landcare Tasmania's Education Officer Angela Reiher and Rob Armstrong from Hobart City Bush Adventures, the kids embarked on a captivating journey of discovery. Rob presented a well-preserved platypus specimen, explaining its unique features, such as the fur, webbed feet, bill, and spurs.

Eager to learn more, the kids joined in collecting water samples from the rivulet, discussing the platypus's diet and feeding habits. Delving into the water, they discovered an array of macro-invertebrates, which provided valuable insights into the platypus's diet.

The event turned out to be a resounding success, thanks to the efforts of Rob, the Hobart City Council, and the Hobart Rivulet Bushcare Group.  A shout-out to the local care groups that regularly work to maintain and restore the health of the rivulet and local area. 

2. Wentworth Park & Bellerive Beach: Exploring Nature

In Howrah, children were encouraged to explore the wonders of Wentworth Park and Bellerive Beach.  The kids set out with binoculars in search of birds and bandicoots in the park and bushlands. They even participated in planting local "Pig Face" plants and helped fix tree guards, actively contributing to the preservation of their local ecosystem.

Their adventure continued down the beach, where the children tried their hand at drawing animal tracks. Armed with binoculars, they learned about the various whales found in Tasmanian waters, distinguishing them by their spouts.

It was an engaging and educational experience for all involved.  We'd like to thank Adam Holmstrom from Glebe Hill Landcare for representing the local Landcare group and supplying tools. 

3. Claremont Derwent Estuary: Wetlands Discovery

With binoculars in hand, the young explorers gathered at Claremont Derwent Estuary to discover the diverse array of waterbirds inhabiting the area. The kids honed their bird-watching skills, identifying various species using a field guide. The local Landcare group representative Ivett Dodd shared intriguing stories about the region's history, connecting the children to the land's rich past.

Their curiosity didn't stop there as they used a net to collect water samples, revealing a hidden world of macroinvertebrates living in the wetlands. Observing these tiny creatures under a microscope left the kids in awe of nature's intricacies.

Thanks to the support of Ivett Dodd, the Claremont Coast Care Group, and photography volunteer Rowiina Howard for helping make the day a great success. 

4. Algona Reserve: Tree Plant & Explore

The program's journey to Algona Reserve was filled with wonder and excitement as the children embarked on a guided exploration. They roamed along a track, soaking in everything nature had to offer, and eventually arrived at a secret location to plant trees. Along the way, they encountered various bird species, animal evidence, and unique plants like Native Cherries and Snotty Gobble.

Their hard work paid off as they successfully planted 50 plants that were supplied by Kingborough Council, contributing to the preservation of the reserve's greenery. Additionally, the kids marveled at the fascinating fungi scattered throughout their path.

Thanks to the support of Roland Painter, the Algona Reserve Landcare group, and Scott Corbett from Kingborough Council.

Stay Tuned for next Holidays!

Know Your Local Patch has been a resounding success.  Through exciting workshops and immersive experiences, young minds were introduced to the wonders of their local environments.

We look forward to continuing and expanding Know Your Local Patch next school holidays! We hope to help pave the way for a generation that appreciates, protects, and cherishes the beauty of our natural world.

Know Your Local Patch is part of our Education Program and has been funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet under he Premier’s fund for Children and Young People.