Landcare at Nierinna Creek

From the Kingborough Chronicle, 01 Sept 2020.  

Photo caption: A small group of volunteers, which included Roz Thurn and Angela Brinkhoff, participated in the first Tramway Hill Landcare Group wroking bee at the Nierinna Creek Reserve since March, after COVID-19 shut down activities earlier this year.

The Tramway Hill Landcare Group recently held a working bee at the Nierinna Creek Reserve, the first since the group's activities were put on hold in March due to pandemic restrictions. 

The working bee was attended by Roz Thurn, Angela Brinkhoff and Morris Worsley

The working bee focused its efforts on improving the entrance to the Reserve.

Work carried out included removal of debris, weeding a patch of scotch thistle, hemlock, blackberries and around small plants, and also involved securing or removing stakes and guards. 

Kingborough Council provided hand sanitizer, tool sanitizer and extra gloves fo use by the group.