Media Recognition for National Landcare Awards

Last month, we saw Tassie farmer Michael Nichols take home a National Landcare Award - and the media told the story again, and again... he even got a feature in the Israeli news! Lets take a look at some of the stories that came out to celebrate this landmark win. 

The Advocate Newspaper

Picture: Simon Sturzaker 

"My parents nominated for an award in 2004 and won the national primary producer award for Landcare," Mr Nichols said.

"It's the second time we have won a national award for being innovators and environmental sustainable farmers."



ABC Rural Radio 

Guy Barnett's Public Release

"I congratulate Wynyard’s own Redbank Farm which has been recognised for its excellence and innovation at last night’s 2021 National Landcare Awards."

"It is wonderful to see Redbank Farm receive the recognition it deserves for its contribution to accelerating Tasmania’s agriculture industry, which provides thousands of Tasmanian jobs and important support for rural and regional communities." 

Farm Online 

"A mixed crop-and-vegetable farmer, Mr Nicols employs state-of-the-art agricultural practices including grid soil sampling, satellite Normalised Difference Vegetation Index and yield mapping to ensure maximum sustainable output and soil regeneration." 

Tas Country Hour on Apple podcasts 

"The National Landcare awards for 2021 were presented last night and it was mixed farmer Michael Nichols who got a run on the board for Tasmania." 

The National Award Winners in Bega News

"Tasmania's Redbank Farm, winner of the Australian Government Innovation in Agriculture Award, is using cutting edge technology to improve the land literally at a grass roots level starting with the soil." 

The National Landcare Conference Winner's Bio 


"Wynyard producer Michael Nichols cultivates a diverse crop. Based in Sister’s Creek, nearly 200kms northwest of Launceston, Redbank Farm rotates potatoes, onions, carrots, processing peas, buckwheat, pyrethrum, poppies, mustard, wheat, canola, beef steers and plantation radiata pine saw logs."


Tasmanian Country Newspaper


"Harnessing the latest technology to improve productivity has earned one Tasmanian farm a national Landcare Award" 




ABC Rural News

"Landcare Tasmania's acting CEO Peter Stronach said the Nichol's Redbank Farm was a successful example of linking biodiversity and innovation in the farming sector. " 




The 2021 National Landcare Awards and 2021 National Landcare Conference are delivered by Landcare Australia through support from Australian Government's National Landcare Program.