NWBR Waterwatch Event

27th September 2023 |

A Waterwatch Training Session was held for the Landcare Groups on the upper reaches of the North West Bay River on Saturday the 2nd September 2023.

In a new waterwatch program aimed at preserving the health of local waterways, community members along the North West Bay River joined a training session on water health. We were lucky to have two of our favourite water health experts, Simon Roberts and John Gooderham.

Understanding that rivers and streams serve as mirrors, reflecting the overall land use within a catchment, it is valuable to employ tools like waterwatch river health observations to gauge environmental impact

We were also joined by BJ from Kingborough Council. BJ provided a fascinating overview of the North West Bay River Catchment Management and Action Plan, emphasizing the pivotal role of community involvement in the ongoing monitoring and protection of rivers and streams within a catchment area. This event contributed to the intended outcomes of the plan.

Simon Roberts led a session on water quality testing, equipping participants with the skills and tools needed to assess the health of their local waterways. Meanwhile, John Gooderham shared his expertise on waterbug collection and identification, highlighting the significance of these tiny aquatic organisms in assessing water quality.

Participants were also introduced to the user-friendly Waterbug Blitz App, which promises to be an essential tool for future monitoring efforts.

Landcare Tasmania provided the Allens Rivulet and Sandfly Landcare Group and the Friends of Longley Area Group with water quality testing kits and water bug sampling kits. This support forms part of the Pilot Community Waterwatch Project which aims to empower local communities in their conservation endeavours. 

With their newfound knowledge and access to the necessary tools, these community Landcare groups are now well-prepared to take up the mantle of monitoring the health of their local catchment.

The success of this project relies on community involvement, and if you're interested in becoming part of these dedicated groups or regularly monitoring your local waterway in the Kingborough Area, don't hesitate to reach out to the respective convenors.



This workshop is part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach programs funded by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants Additional Projects Round, delivered with support from Kingborough Council.