Current Round 20: Weed Management and Rehabilitation of Riparian Zones - Closed

Applications for Round 20 opened in May 2016 and closed July 4th 2016. Join the dirty hands club to receive notice of the next round each year. Download the following sample application and guidelines to get an idea of the detail required to apply next year. 

Samples to get you started

Example application     Example Guidelines 

What is the TLF grant round?

The TLF grant round is an annual distribution of funds to selected eligible projects. Landcare Tasmania members apply for a grant to fund on the ground work. Some examples of successful projects from Round 19 in 2015 are as follows. If you have a project in mind begin planning as early as possible and make sure you are a member.

  • Snug River Rehabilitation Project
  • Primary and follow up control of gorse in endangered woodland adjacent to Tom Gibson Nature Reserve, Epping Forest
  • Coal Hill York Plains Re-vegetation Project
  • Entering the home strait to control infestations of African Boxthorn on Roydon Island.
  • Erosion control, weed management and revegetation, Deal Island