Spring Bay Mill and Sea Forest Field Trip - Conf 23

25th October 2023 |

In a world often overwhelmed by negative news, particularly around climate change, stories of hope and resilience stand out as beacons of light. At our 2023 Conference field trip to Spring Bay Mill and the carbon-cutting 'Sea Forest', we got the chance to delve into two distinct projects offering solutions to environmental challenges. 

Photography by Yasmin Mund

Spring Bay Mill: A Journey of Renewal

It was fascinating to learn the history of Spring Bay Mill and to tour the site with horticulturalist Mark Fitzgerald.  We noted the great industrial relics looming as 'ghosts of the pasts' and reminders of the bleaker landscape of degradation that it once was. 

Once a site struggling to support life, SBM has experienced a remarkable increase in fauna diversity since Graeme Wood's purchase of the mill and intervention. This transformation acts as a reminder of the resilience of nature and the potential we hold to heal our environment.

Spring Bay Mill has planted and grown over 20,000 local native plants including dozens of rare and threatened species, built habitat opportunities for local wildlife, and propagates over 10,000 plants annually at their on-site nursery.

Sea Forest: Nurturing Climate Change Solutions

Just down the road at Sea Forest, we were very lucky to take a tour of the carbon-cutting seaweed initiative run by Sam Elsom and Rocky de Nys.  Driven by a passionate group of individuals, this project is dedicated to combating climate change by developing the scaled cultivation of the native red seaweed, Asparagopsis as a natural solution to climate change and global food security.

Yet, the path to success is riddled with challenges, chief among them the red tape that hinders progress. Sea Forest's quest to gain recognition as carbon credit providers through parliamentary channels is essential, as it paves the way to subsidise seaweed for farmers. This crucial step ensures that farmers can adopt sustainable practices without bearing the financial burden.

Sea Forest's journey reflects the pressing need for streamlined and supportive legislation to encourage and expedite vital environmental initiatives. 

We feel very lucky to witness this initiative first hand - a big thanks to Sam and Rocky for having us.

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Photography by Yasmin Mund

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