Seed collecting with Ruth Mollison, Island Seeds

17 Jun 2020 - Ruth Mollison is a passionate Landcare volunteer who is sharing her professional skills in seed collecting, storage, and propagation with the community Landcare movement.

Landcare Tasmania's Event Producer, Kat Traill, met up with Ruth to catch her in action, collecting and storing the seeds of a Tasmanian native grassland flower, the everlasting daisy.



Ruth volunteers with the Rosny Montagu Bay Landcare and Coastcare Group, runs her Island Seeds business, and also works at the Understory Network community nursery in Glenorchy. Her depth of knowledge around native seed collecting, storing, and propogating is hard to match, and we feel lucky that she is so keen to share these skills.

We are excited to announce that Ruth will start seed training workshops for Landcare members in southern Tasmania later this year as part of our Community Training Events project funded by the Australian Government's Community Envirnonment Program that is supported by MP Julie Collins in Franklin.

You can register your interest in upcoming workshops here: 

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Photos and video by Kat Traill for Landcare Tasmania