Team Building That's Good for the Earth

The team from Eighty Options web designing company came and did a planting with us - it was an opportunity to team build and do a little something for the environment while they're at it! 

Image: Planting Heros: The team from 80 Options and Joy Pfleger of Landcare Tasmania. 
Over 300 trees were planted as a shelterbelt, including white gums, cabbage ash, candle bark, she oaks, banksias, prickly box, silver wattles, and native grasses.
Image: its not all hard work! 
Image: before (well sort-of), and after! 
The planting was a part of our landscape-wide project in the Coal River Valley, which aims to increase biodiversity whilst also helping farmers and growers in the area. For example, the shelterbelt planted will not only increase biodiversity of native plants and animals, but will also provide shelter for the sheep from the weather. (We are also doing plantings as a part of this project on vineyards, with plants that attract beneficial insects - so that the growers don't have to use as many pesticides on their vines)
Thank you to 15 Trees and the TLF, supported by the Roberts Charitable Trust, for their funding for the plants and materials and to all that came along.