A Year of Revegetation

Over 5,000 trees have been planted in 2020 with thanks to Fifteen Trees, Landcare Tasmania's Tasmaian Landcare Fund, and our industrious members.

Fifteen Trees has been a strong collaborator with Landcare Tasmania for a few years now, finding sponsors for native local-provenance plantings.  This year 41 individual and group members across Tasmania undertook planting to provide habitat, increase biodiversity and rehabilitate their patch.

Planting highlights  


She Oaks Hills Landcare group identified a section of young salmon gums that survived the 2012 fires on the property that have no under-story regenerating beneath them.  They got 25 plants in to help kick start a rich under-story that supports small birds, bandicoots and biodiversity. 

Cemetery Point Coastcare Group planted 50 plants in May this year.  They planted new gums around a blue gum stump, hop bushes, sag and seagrass to prevent erosion, and a replacement of gums which were lost from their last years' plantings due to a dry summer. 

"The highlight was a fly pass by the Sea Eagles on the way home to Deer Point. Think they approved" - group member Christine Bayley. 

Conservation Landholders Tasmania planted 100 trees with a mix of Acacia dealbata, Eucalyptus obliqua and Eucalyptus viminalis on their private property as the first stage of a project aimed to increase biodiversity and habitat for birds and insects. 

Thanks to 15 Trees, the Huon Valley Council, Stormy Lifejackets and the Federal Government, happy planters made their way safely to Huon Island to plant double the number of trees than their usual yearly plantings!  These guys planted over 200 Blue, Black and White Gums, She Oaks and other understory tubestock. Planning and seed collection is underway for next year's activity in their decade-long restoration project.  Hard workers were rewarded with a delicious feast at lunch! 

Smile and say TREES! Oldina Landcare got 55 trees in the ground in September.  With help from the kids, neighbours, Oldina Landcare members, Ian and Brenda, it didn't take these guys long to plant out the 50 donated trees, plus a few extra. 

"A timely shower of rain, followed by a well-earned cuppa and cake... perfect way to spend a Sunday!"

In July, Allison and Paul Peacock / Macquarie Street Seymour Group worked with six adults and one teenager to get 133 trees in the ground in a day!  

A whopping 300 plants were planted by Lewisham Landcare.  Students from Rosny College and Campbell Town School embrace 'two-eyed seeing': combining Indigenous knowledge/way of knowing with Western knowledge/way of knowing. They had a smoking ceremony, wallaby tacos, and plants were marked by an ochre thumbprint of the planter. The plants added to an existing revegetation area, consisting of old growth White gums and small patches of native grasses. This brings the total of plants planted in this 4 hectares site to 750 this year! 

"In a post-lockdown world the gathering of our friends and neighbours for our inaugural Richmond Ripple Landcare Group tree planting was extra special" 

Volunteers (kids and dogs included) gathered in sunshine after recent rain to plant 480 mixed species trees and shrubs, 350 of which were sponsored by 15 Trees.  The planting is part of Rachael Treasure and Daniel Lore's regenerative agricultural demonstration farm - a farm that is ethically growing meat and natural fibre, along with restoring a healthy ecology using holistic land management principles.

The day concluded with soup, Anzac biscuits, and chatting about soil and water health, and a new way forward in ecologically mindful farming!  

Stakes in! In September, students from Marist Regional College got 270 plants in on the school grounds. 

St Leonards Landcare Group undertook regeneration of a riverbank area they had fenced off from stock with 50 plants in the ground. Trees doing well 2 weeks after planting!

More Plantings 

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Thank You 

A huge thank you to everyone involved in these valuable projects. 

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