Eve Lazarus


The Derwent Pasture Network - working to restore the north facing slopes of the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands 

Many farmers across the Derwent Catchment are working hard to overcome the issues associated with grazing in an area with highly variable soils, a short growing season and a semi-arid climate. A particular challenge is the management of the extensive north-facing slopes which are prone to soil erosion unless managed carefully. The Derwent Pasture Network is an initiative of the Derwent Catchment Project funded by NRM South through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

The aim of the Network is to share the knowledge and skills of dryland farmers with others in the region. Eve Lazarus from the Derwent Catchment Project will talk about why this program is different, the importance of peer-learning and creating a community of practice with examples of how members of the network are working to restore the north-facing slopes whilst operating a livestock enterprise.