Jakob Sprickerhof


Landcare Tasmania 

Any restoration project needs to decide on its objectives. If it is trying to restore native vegetation, then what plant species should be established? If it is trying to create habitat for native animals, then which animal species and what is their preferred habitat?

Citizen Science can often be the way to find answers to those questions. It can provide the resources to determine what species of animals and plants live in an area, or in what habitat certain animals and plants occur. Citizen Science also provides the tools to monitor progress and report outcomes; it can be integrated at any stage of restoration projects.

This presentation will give an overview of what citizen science is, what it is good for, and present some easy ways for everyone to get involved and become a citizen scientist.


In a former life Jakob was a policy adviser in the English civil service, when he decided to follow his childhood dream of working for the environment. He started studying Environmental Management at UTAS and joined the Landcare Tasmania team in 2020. Jakob loves engaging with the amazing Landcare people across the state, and together get things done on the ground. Other times, he is trying to disguise himself as a rock on windy cold nights near Devonport, waiting for penguins to waddle past, or is spotting whales off Maria Island.