Kathy Grieveson


Kathy Grieveson - Registered seabird carer and President of the Penguin Rehab & Release Centre

Small groups can achieve big things 

Beginning in late 2017 with little more than a vision and 4 people Penguin Rehab & Release now operates the only facility in the North West Of Tasmania dedicated to rehabilitating penguins, and other seabirds, that come into care due to illness, injury or misadventure, with the aim of preparing them for successful release back into the wild.

A little different from most Landcare groups, we operate from a domestic situation and volunteering activities can occur on every day of the year. Our environment is the irregular and unusual and sometimes frenetic world of penguin rehabilitation. You never know what the day will bring! Routines, plans and schedules can fly out the window at a moments notice.

Whether the volunteers come every day or just once in a blue moon, this help means that we can have more birds in care and that we can get more birds back out into the wild.